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Ghetto to Glamour: Homeless Nigerian boy who lived under bridge for many years becomes a model

Ghetto to Glamour: Homeless Nigerian boy who lived under bridge for many years becomes a model 1

Providence seems to have shone on a one-time homeless boy, Adeoye Fawaz, who lived under the bridge for many years but is now a model after being tutored by Chess in slum, a non-governmental agency (NGO).

Chess in slum is the initiative of Mr. Tunde Onakoya, who is on a project to depopulate homeless boys living under the Oshodi bridge and give them a new lease of life.

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In the post, Mr. Tunde Onakayo shared via his official Twitter page with the caption, “Life update,” Fawaz is seen posing with a car.

Ghetto to Glamour: Homeless Nigerian boy who lived under bridge for many years becomes a model 2

Mr. Tunde also announced that Fawaz got his first modeling gig.

“Fawaz got his first modeling gig recently and could very well be on his way to superstardom as a chess player,” he said.

Fawaz once worked as a conductor, living under the Oshodi Bridge in Lagos, but won the chess championship after being mentored by Chess in Slum for months.

The young model went viral after he granted many interviews narrating how he ended up homeless after his ‘famous’ journey from Ibadan to Lagos.

Mr. Tunde Onakoya said, “Never forget that this boy was a Bus conductor living under a bridge just a few months ago. That’s one less kid off the streets that won’t grow into a thug and rob you in traffic with a knife. There can be no liberation for one of us if the other is not free.”

Like many others mentored by Mr. Tunde Onakoya, Fawaz has been introduced to coding classes, asides from Chess.

“Despite the language barrier (Fawaz doesn’t speak English), he has learnt to build his own web page using HTML and CSS,” Mr. Tunde explained.

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Aside from Fawaz, Mr. Tunde Onokayo has helped many destitute boys living under the Oshodi bridge in Lagos to have a fresh breath at life.

Many of the homeless boys have also been assisted in reuniting with their parents.

In another entertainment news, a 35-year-old Nigerian man went viral for converting his Toyota Venza to a Rolls Royce even without attending a university.

The young man said God showed him exactly how to do it in a dream and that creativity is beyond having a university degree.

“I stopped in secondary school. I didn’t go to the university. Everything is all about God. It is destiny. It is God that showed me everything in my dream. This one is not all about university. It is who you are,” he stated.

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