Georges Lebar: Gifted painter who’s heartthrob of renowned actor, RuPaul

Georges Lebar: Gifted painter who's heartthrob of renowned actor, RuPaul

Having grown up with and cultivated artistic instincts, Georges Lebar should be an individual who should be used to the glitz and glamour. However, he came to the limelight following his relationship with the drag queen and actor, RuPaul Andre Charles.

While RuPaul lives for the bright lights and camera, Lebar prefers to be away from the camera. So how did these two people, so different yet unique, end up together?

Georges lebar portrait

Georges Lebar biography

Georges Lebar was born on January 24, 1973, in Australia. Right from an early age, He developed an interest in fine arts and pursued it. His parents played a key role in his love for art as they supported him in his passion.

In 1991, Lebar completed his high school education and went ahead to study fashion and design and began working in New York, Miami and Paris.

As a rancher, Lebar runs several ranches, with RuPaul previously stating that he goes to chill out at his partner’s ranch in Wyoming. 

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Georges Lebar career

Lebar is a talented painter, writer and rancher. He manages several ranches and has been doing so for decades.

As a businessman, Lebar is thriving in his painting field. He published his oil canvas book named, Six Inches Away, in 2007. The book included some of his oil paintings. He published his second book, which was based on C.M. Clark’s beautiful poems.

In 2008, he released some of his paintings entitled: Gossip, Microwave of Mascara and Sitting on a Secret. The paintings in Sitting on a Secret featured his partner, RuPaul in a drag appearance. Most of his time is spent on his ranch in Wyoming, where he gets inspiration for his canvases and paintings.

Even though Lebar lives a private life away from the eyes of the media, he has accompanied his partner on some red carpets and awards shows. He accompanied RuPaul to his Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018. He also accompanied him to the 2019 Emmys. 

Georges Lebar’s net worth

The exact amount of Georges Lebar’s net worth is not known. However, his net worth, according to various media reports, is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million.

He is, however, known to be living a good life, courtesy of his earnings from his ranch, paintings and publications.

Meanwhile, Lebar is married to Rupal, deemed to be one of the most successful drag queens. RuPaul is estimated to have a net worth of $60 million.

Georges Lebar and RuPaul’s wedding

George Lebar is married to the love of his life, RuPaul Andre Charles, an American. The gay couple has been together for almost three decades and they are still standing strong. 

They met for the first time in a club called “The Limelight”, which is located in New York, in 1994. The lovebirds met on the same day Lebar was celebrating his birthday.

RuPaul once said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he met Lebar on the dance floor when he was dancing like a crazy person. George and RuPaul married in January 2017. They had a private wedding ceremony on the 23rd anniversary of their relationship, which was the same day as Lebar’s birthday.

Taking to social media, RuPaul revealed that when they met, they clicked and one week later, they were cruising the world on a jet.

RuPaul said:

I met him 25 years ago on a Monday. But one week later, we were on Elton John’s private jet flying the world from London to Düsseldorf.

The couple tied the knot after 23 years of dating. Their private wedding was made public two months after the ceremony. Following the congratulatory messages he received, the American actor took to his Twitter account to appreciate everyone who wished them well.

As of this year, Georges and RuPaul have been married for six years. Together they seem to be doing perfectly well.

Back in 2019, RuPaul revealed to Metro UK that he is in an open marriage with LeBar because he loves him too much to put ‘shackles’ on him. 

RuPaul said:

I love him too much to try to put shackles on him.

Love is free. It’s not that sort of romantic surface thing we all bought into. He is my most favourite person that I’ve met.

Gore Vidal said you should never pass up an opportunity to have sex or be on television.

So far, the couple does not have any children together because they seem to love the quietness of it.

RuPaul once revealed that he and Lebar both decided to get married when they saw the direction their various businesses were going and the economy of the world. The difference between Lebar and RuPaul is very evident. Asides from the fact that they both are from different races, Rupaul is a public person while Lebar is a very private person. RuPaul stated that his partner spends most of his time on his ranch in Wyoming.

Although Lebar is a private person, he is the backbone of his wife’s career. Lebar became a popular figure following his association with RuPaul decades ago. They are both financially buoyant and are doing well in their various fields.

Georges Lebar his husband

Georges Lebar’s age

Georges Lebar was born on January 24, 1973. Currently, he is 53 years old.

His partner, RuPaul, was born on November 17, 1960. So, the age difference between Lebar and his partner is 13 years years, but they both look like teenagers in love.

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Georges Lebar’s height

Georges Lebar’s height is 6 feet and 5 inches and weighs 98 kilogrammes. His tall frame is a body that many models pray for. His partner, RuPaul, once revealed that when he first met Lebar, he fell in love with him because of his height.

Lebar’s dark brown eyes add to his cuteness, and it is no wonder why RuPaul fell in love with him.

Georges Lebar’s ranch

Georges Lebar manages several ranches. One of the ranches he runs is a 60,000-acre ranch, known as Lebar Ranch, in eastern Wyoming. Lebar inherited the ranch from his grandfather.

According to The Guardian, Lebar’s grandfather and grandmother ran a succession of cattle and sheep operations for decades on the ranch. Lebar leases the grazing rights of his ranch out to other ranchers. The painter does not own or run cattle himself.

Lebar also has other ranches located in Nebraska and South Dakota. The one in Nebraska measures 2,972 acres of land and the one in South Dakota measures 6,280 acres of land.

What nationality is Georges Lebar?

Georges Lebar was born in Perth, Western Australia. The author and painter spent his childhood there and his parents still reside there.

Lebar is of Australian nationality.

Georges Lebar and husband holding hands
Georges Lebar is living the life he wants the way he wants it without any apologies.

So, which of Georges Lebar’s paintings have you seen?

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