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‘Amazing! Lost count of its many shapes’: Elderly man stuns with egg basket that takes different forms

'Amazing! Lost count of its many shapes': Elderly man stuns with egg basket that takes different forms 1

A video has gone viral of an elderly man marketing the egg basket he manufactured, which can also be transformed into a trash bin, among many other things.

In the video, the man who was speaking in his native language showed off the different things the multipurpose product can be transformed into.

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The video sparked reactions on social media, with many people praising him for his creativity.

See reactions:

@samikay_wdd: “And it will be very affordable, creativity at it’s best.”

@IgniteTheBeatz: “It’s sophistication is shouting. Lovely.”

@itsmrzion: “Wow… Omo i go buy one Dozen o.”

@KelvinIgbakpa: “I lost count of the shapes, it’s amazing.”

@LegitTobechi: “Omo geometry in pure form.”

@iam____dk: “Dem dey see 2 in 1, but this one na 100 in 1.”

@ebrahim_dz: “See talent👍🏽.”

@profixers: “That thing that form shapes that the creator is not even aware of. That advance geometry.”

@CharlyCutz: “When i said we are the originals…
I know what I said
They came and deceived us.”

@bayshyxd1: “Like if you watched this more than once.”

@eudomesiet: “Absolute genius! I have never watched anything like this before. I love it.”

@Sageosness: “Multipurpose.”

@kenchubik: “This is ingenious, wow.”

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