Top 10 fun house party games for adults

Top 10 fun house party games for adults

When you think of house party games, you think of drinking games. It does not have to be. House party games can be a lot more fun and this article will prove it too.

Whether you like a low-key party or a wild one, you do not want to bore your guests. Parties are meant to be fun, after all. Besides, it is that time of the year when there will be parties after parties: Birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, marriage anniversaries, housewarming and even Detty December. Be sure that there is always going to be a party happening around the corner.

A house party must not be loud but it must be fun, otherwise, what is the point? So, if you are looking for house party game ideas, this piece has got you covered.

Top 10 house party games ideas

1. Charades

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Charades is a popular word-guessing house party game. To play this game, write down the names of celebrities: TV shows, movies, sports or any topic you like, on pieces of paper. Fold the papers and put them inside a bowl. Then divide the guests into two groups or more, depending on the number of guests you have. Each player will pick a paper, read what is in it and enact it for their teammates to guess. The team that has the highest number of guesses wins.

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2. Storyteller

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The Storyteller is a fun house party game that requires eloquence and creativity. Anybody can play this game and you can choose any genre like comedy, horror, thriller and romance. To play this game, a person starts a story. The next person continues the story with a new twist and on and on it goes until everyone has told a story. The person with the best plot or twist is declared the winner.

3. Musical chairs

Musical chairs
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Musical chairs is a fun house party game to get you going. It is a great game for both kids and adults. For this game, you will need chairs and a sound system. Arrange the chairs in a circle facing outwards. Play music while selected guests dance around the chairs. The moment the music stops, they must sit on the chairs. Whoever remains standing when the music stops is out of the game. Remove one chair and resume the game. To add a little twist, players should take a little drink before resuming the game.

4. Pick up the tune

Pick up the tune
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Pick Up the Tune is a fun game where you guess a song by listening to its tune. For this game, you will need a music playlist and the names of the songs and singers. Divide the guests into smaller groups. Play the tune of the first song while members of each team will guess the name of the song and the singer. The team with the highest number of correct guesses is declared winner.

5. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie

This is a simple game where people can reveal details about themselves without you having to ask them directly. For this game, you do not need anything except your voice and interest. All you have to do is reveal three statements about yourself. Two of them must be true while one must be a lie. Then other players will have to guess the truth and the lie. The player who has the highest number of correct guesses wins.

6. Never have I ever…

Never have I ever…
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Never Have I Ever is another fun house party game you can use to get to know your guests better. To play this game, everyone must sit in a circle. One person begins by saying “Never have I ever…” and mentions something they have never done before. For instance, you can say something like, “Never have I ever left Nigeria” or “Never have I ever visited an airport”.

If someone has done it, they use it to hold up a finger or take a drink. Each guest must continue the game and the person he has raised to three fingers or taken up to three drinks is out. Note that this game tends to get too personal and a little inappropriate. So be sure to take note of the age and background of each player to avoid trouble.

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7. Who’s most likely to…

Who’s most likely to…

Who’s Most Likely to… is a fun house party game for people who are already familiar with one another, like family and close friends. To play this game, guests should sit in a circle, then someone should begin asking questions with “Who’s most likely to…” For instance, you can ask questions like “Who’s most likely to run away when they see a horror movie?” Or “Who’s most likely to finish a big pot of beans in two minutes?” The person with the most fingers pointed at them is out.  Continue playing until only one person is left. This game is fun and mostly hilarious.

8. Telephone

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Telephone is a great house party game for a group. To play the game, get everyone to sit in a circle. Then whisper a phrase to the person beside you without repeating it. The person will whisper the same phrase to another person and it continues like that until it reaches the person who started the phrase. Get ready to laugh at how the phrase will be changed along the way. To make it more fun, play a piece of soft music in the background before whispering a phrase and passing it around.

9. Straight face

Straight face

This is one hilarious game where you must not laugh. To play this game, distribute papers and pens to guests. Each guest will write a widely hilarious phrase, fold the paper and toss it into a bowl. Then everyone should sit in a circle and one person will pick up a paper from the bowl and read the phrase written in it. The aim is no one should laugh or even smile. The person who does is out. Continue until all the papers are read. Get ready to roll in laughter.

10. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

This list ends with the classic Truth or Dare game. This game can be fun or incredibly cringe-worthy, depending on the orientation of who is playing it. The objective of the game is for each person to take turns asking the other person a question or giving them a task. They can choose to tell the truth to a posed question or complete the dare. You can either play in groups or break into pairs.

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