From hookup to marriage: Nigerian lady shares unusual love story

From hookup to my marriage - Nigerian lady shares unusual love story

A Nigerian lady, @hoelyajoke on Twitter, has gotten the attention of social media users after recounting how she and her husband met.

She revealed in a tweet that she met her husband through a “Detty December hookup.”

The user revealed that he was her coursemate in university and they met up after their service year to have sex.

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Evidently, what started as a casual encounter during the festive season transformed into a lifelong commitment.

From hookup to my marriage - Nigerian lady shares unusual love story

She also shared a photo of herself and her man at the wedding registry.

Her revelation sparked curiosity and garnered the interest of many.

See her tweet below

From hookup to my marriage - Nigerian lady shares unusual love story

‘Hookup’ girl approaches Pastor for prayers

In other news, a Nigerian Pastor has made a revelation of how a young lady approached him to ask for prayers for her success in sex work.

According to him, she claimed that the reason for her request is that her business is not booming and she would like to make more profit. She stated that men usually have sex with her and cheat her by paying with fake transfers.

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When the Pastor asked her what “hookup” meant, she explained to him that the hookup business is when she has sex with men and gets paid. According to the Pastor, she explained further that she had met with another Pastor prior to meeting with him, but could not confide in the other Pastor the way she had just confided in him.

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The video has received varying responses; some found it humorous, while others questioned the legitimacy of the “hookup” business as an actual business.

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