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From dirt to dust: ‘World’s dirtiest man’ dies aged 94

World’s dirtiest man dies aged 94

Nicknamed ‘the world’s dirtiest man’ for staying with a wash for more than half a century, Amou Haji, has died aged 94.

The Iranian died only a few months after having his first bath in decades.

According to local media, Haji finally agreed to a bath after months of persuasion from villages to give him a wash.

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For decades, he avoided the use of soap and water for the fear of falling sick.

Iranian news agency, IRNA, reports that Haji fell ill shortly afterwards before his death on Sunday.

The agency further reports that his skin had become “soot and pus” resulting from years without a bath.

He was quoted in a 2014 interview with Tehran Times as saying his favourite meal was porcupine while he lived between a hole and a brick shack put together by caring neighbours in the Dejgah village.

Nigerian woman becomes first black woman to obtain PhD in Aerospace Engineering

In other news, a Nigerian woman, Wendy Okolo, has made history after becoming the first black woman to bag a doctorate in aerospace engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

Wendy Okolo was only 26 when she attained this enviable feat and joins the league of very few black women with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering worldwide.

She hails from southeast Nigeria and was born into a family of six. Wendy Okolo identifies her sisters as heroes; Jennifer and Phyllis tutored her in biology and other science subjects.

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At the University of Texas, Arlington, Wendy Okolo bagged her first degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2010 and a Master’s in 2015. During her undergraduate years, she served as president of the society of women engineers at the university.

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