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Freddie Kroaker: 5 easy tips to defeat “Wizard 101” antagonist

Freddie Kroaker: 5 easy tips to defeat "Wizard 101" antagonist

Freddie Kroaker is a boss in the online game, Wizard 101. The cunning boss appears in quest number 79, also known as “The Final Nightmare Quest”.

Here is everything you need to know, including how to defeat Freddie Kroaker.

What is Freddie Kroaker

What is Freddie Kroaker

Freddie Kroaker is a frog-like boss in Wizard 101. Voiced by American voice actor, Alexander Brandon, Freddie Kroaker is the main antagonist in Wallaru. Wallaru is the fourth and final world in Arc 4, released on Wizard101 live servers on November 27, 2023.  Freddie Kroaker can also be located on “The Dreaming” and “Freddie’s Domain”. He is resistant to 37 per cent of fire, ice, balance, myth and storm.

Freddie Kroaker also drops two to three Dream Water Reagents every time he is killed. The dream water reagents are used with dream stones to craft the new level 170 WALLARU Gear. Freddie also drops the New Ring of level 170 Gear.

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Freddie Kroaker W101

Freddie Kroaker can be played on W101, popularly known as Wizard 101. Wizard 101 is a free online video game set in a magical wizard school, known as Ravenwood Academy. In the game, players set off on a quest to save the wizard world from evil forces and collect magic cards to fight their enemies. They must fight by casting spells using a variety of different weapons in a turn-based combat system.

Wizard 101 was developed and published by KingsIsle Entertainment on September 2, 2008. The game has been an instant success since its release with over 50 million accounts created as of 2014. Also, Wizard 101 currently scores an average of 77.5 per cent from ratings on GameRankings.

How to defeat Freddie Kroaker

How to defeat Freddie Kroaker

First, note that you will need cards or treasure cards like pierce, shatter, frenzy and spears to take out shields and power your hit. With that said, let us go ahead and discuss strategies to defeat Freddie.

Maximise faint usage

This essentially means you have to use as many faints as possible on Freddie within the first two rounds. Faints weaken Freddie Kroaker by significantly increasing the amount of damage he receives, hence giving you a very good chance of an early victory.

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Employ school-specific roles

For Death School Wizards, focus on blades due to death dispel. If you are part of Balance School Wizards, concentrate on using faints. Your role is crucial to how the game ends. Other schools have more flexibility and they should take that to their full advantage.


To defeat Freddie Kroaker, you will have to learn how to work with the other wizards. This means everyone should know their role and execute it perfectly. For instance, a Storm wizard should consider using a Dark Pact spell to remove multiple weaknesses simultaneously.

Handle dispels and learn the essential spells

Freddie Kroaker gives a specific dispel to each school which can weaken your attacks. Therefore, plan your spells to either work around or directly counter these dispels. Again, learn the essential spells like the cleanse charm. The cleanse charm will help you remove the dispels and their negative effects. In other words, Freddie will throw random spells, including weaknesses, at the end of each round. Be prepared to counter those spells.

Be prepared for a third round

The ultimate goal is to defeat Freddie Kroaker in the first two rounds. Sometimes, the strategy does not go as planned. Be ready to take the fight to the third round, if necessary. Also, Freddie might throw a -40 per cent weakness. However, all you need to do is adjust your strategy to ensure a victory. If it means extending the round to a third, so be it.


To defeat Freddie Kroaker, efficiency is key. This means you have to use the tips above, which were designed to be quick to fight your battles. It is also ideal for farming specific items or achievements.

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