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Four Nigerian ladies stranded after eating food worth ₦111,000k at Japanese restaurant

Four Nigerian ladies stranded after eating food worth ₦111,000k at Japanese restaurant 1

Four ladies who went to dine at a Japanese restaurant in Lagos literally bit more than they can chew after they racked up a bill of over N111,000k in one sitting.

Skabash.com learned that the embarrassing incident occurred at KOI restaurant and lounge in Victoria Island, Lagos state.

One of the affected ladies, Jane, told our correspondent that she was shocked when she saw the huge bill.

She said the situation temporarily made them stranded as they had to make calls to source for funds to pay the bill

Jane explained that it all started when she and her friends went outing to celebrate with a colleague who was about to relocate to the UK.

According to her, they wanted to give their friend a treat before she departs the country.

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‘’We wanted Amanda to have a memorable meal on her last day in Nigeria, so we planned to have a meal at some highbrow restaurants on the Island.

‘’One of our friends suggested that we try something new with Japanese cuisine, so we opted for KOI restaurant and lounge,” she said.

Jane noted that their night out became dramatic after she learned about the huge bill attached to the cuisines on the menu.

Four Nigerian ladies stranded after eating food worth ₦111,000k at Japanese restaurant 2She said:

‘The restaurant uses bar codes which you can scan to access the menu, after I ordered one drink, I learned that that drink alone cost N8,000. I immediately wanted us to leave that place but we had already placed an order and the cooks were preparing the meal.”

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‘’Even when they brought the meal, I lost my appetite because of the huge bill we had to pay. The total amounted to N111,375K, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What saved us was that a colleague who is a banker volunteered to cover the bill while we pay her back later.”

The lady who is married told our correspondent that while some of her friends called their boyfriends to bail them out during the incident, she refused to call her husband because she knew he would be very angry about the embarrassing situation.

Jane promised to stay far away from any Japanese or Chinese restaurant in the future, noting that their meals are unreasonably expensive.

Nigerian man abandons lady on the first date

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to vent her frustration after her date refused to pay for the food she ordered at a Chinese restaurant.

Startled by the turn of events, the lady named Sonia decided to find out why her date treated her in such a manner, leaving her to foot her bills during their date.

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In the WhatsApp conversation shared by the lady, the young man apologised for disappointing her stating that he didn’t have enough money to pay for the food the lady ordered.

He further explained that he expected Sonia to be civil and order food in the same price range as he did, but he was surprised that she decided to stir Chinese spag of over ₦16,000 which he didn’t budget for.

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