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For ordinary hair: Pretty Nigerian lady laments after she was charged 16k for weaving in UK

Nigerian lady charged N16,000 for briading in the UK

A beautiful Nigerian lady was shocked after being charged an exorbitant price to make her hair abroad.

The lady identified as Morgana had just relocated to the United Kingdom and decided to visit a salon to make her hair.

On getting there, she chose to make a simple hairstyle called all-back weaving, also known as corn rows, but she was stunned when a £20 bill (N16,000) was quoted for her.

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She was surprised that such a simple hairstyle which is very cheap back home in Nigeria, is now very expensive abroad.

In an exclusive chat with our correspondence, Morgana said,

“I wanted to make all back weaving aka corn rows in Bedfordshire, UK, and I was quoted N16,000. Back home in Nigeria, the hairstyle is N500 and in some places N1,000; some very big saloons can charge N1,500 or N2,000.”

When our correspondent asked if she eventually made the hair or not, she replied in the affirmative.

However, she lamented the fact that Nigeria’s currency has lost its value, and if nothing is done, £1,000 might soon be exchanged for a million Naira.

“Our money has lost value, and very soon, £1000 might become equivalent to 1 million Naira. May God help Nigeria,” she added.

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Meanwhile, a Ghanaian lady who recently relocated to the United States shared via a TikTok video how she travelled to America with long, natural hair, only to discover that braiding carries an outrageous cost.

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