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10 interesting facts you don’t know about one-night stand

10 interesting facts you may not know about one-night stand

It’s one of those beautiful nights where it feels like a waste to stay indoors. So you go to a bar or club. You’re having fun and a voice in your head asks you, “why not have a one-night stand?”

Then you meet this hot person. The next thing you know, you’re in an apartment or hotel taking off your clothes and “rubbing body” with someone you have absolutely no idea who they are.

Many people are opting for one-night stands because of the lack of emotional responsibilities. This piece shall discuss the meaning, facts, psychology, why men love one-night stands and more.

What is a one-night stand?

A one-night stand is a sexual encounter that does not involve further communication between both partners. Simply put, there is no string attached and both partners can go their separate ways after sex without ever communicating again.

A one-night stand is also the most common form of infidelity which can threaten a committed long-term relationship.

Facts about one-night stands

Here are 10 interesting facts about one-night stands you may not know:

One-night stands are often emotional

One-night stands are often emotional
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Especially for women. Although the idea is to have casual sex without any emotional attachments, your mind can betray you and get you attracted to the other person even if it’s temporary.

You might feel used after a one-night stand

You might feel used after a one-night stand

You may feel good after having a great one-night stand. But when morning comes, you begin to feel used or guilty. You regret doing what you did the night before. You can’t believe how you used your body the previous night. Don’t worry, it’s a normal feeling that will pass.

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You don’t care about how you look during a one-night stand

You don’t care about how you look during a one-night stand

One-night stands are often impulsive actions. It means you may not think about taking care of yourself for sex before it happens. You just go with the flow. Meanwhile, it is likely your partner doesn’t care about how you look. They just want to have sex.

Your partner may not stick around for long after sex

Your partner may not stick around for long after sex

If you’re expecting your one-night stand to stick around after sex, think again. Chances are they will run away faster than you think. After all, the whole purpose is to have sex and leave.

The sex could be amazing or a disaster

The sex could be amazing or a disaster

You’ll be expecting to have mind-blowing sex during a one-night stand. Here’s breaking news: it goes either way. You can have the greatest sex of your life in a one-night stand or it could be one of those disastrous sex you’ll do anything to forget.

A one-night stand can lead to a relationship

A one-night stand can lead to a relationship
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Some one-night stands lead to committed long-term relationships. It depends on the connection during the encounter. According to Society 19, more than 25 percent of one-night stands lead to long-lasting relationships despite the fact that they started on an idea whose purpose was the exact opposite of a relationship.

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Narcissists prefer one-night stands

Narcissists prefer one-night stands
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People who obsess over themselves are more attracted to one-night stands. There’s no sense of humility so they don’t have a problem manipulating someone into a one-night stand and bragging about it.

One-night stand is linked to depression

One-night stand is linked to depression
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People who have depressing thoughts tend to have one-night stands to feel good about themselves. Poor mental health or self-esteem plays a major part in making people find validation from others by having casual sex.

Women with bigger hips are attracted to one-night stands

Women with bigger hips are attracted to one-night stands
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According to statistics on hookup sites, women with wider hips tend to have more one-night stands. This is because they attract more men and are known to have a higher libido.

One-night stands are in the genes

One-night stands are in the genes
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A research team from the State University of New York at Binghamton suggests that a person’s DNA may be to blame when it comes to infidelity and sexual promiscuity. In other words, some people are born with a predestined interest in one-night stands than others.

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Are one-night stands worth it?

It depends on what you want out of it. If you’re looking for a casual hookup, then a one-night stand is the best option. No relationships, no emotional drama. Just passionate hookup sex for one night and you leave. Some people do it for several reasons such as:

  • Needing a break from normal life once in a while.
  • Exploring their sexual prowess.
  • They’ve done it before and they liked it.
  • They want to have sex with an ex one more time.
  • They plainly feel like it.

Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and you’re not feeling pressured or you want to impress someone to like you more. Also, consider the repercussions like unwanted pregnancy and Sexually-Transmitted Diseases and take precautions.

One-night stands psychology

Here are some psychological facts about one-night stands

  • One-night stands represent sexual liberation for some people who engage in it.
  • Women who engage in one-night stands tend to feel used and guilty than men.
  • Some people engage in it to find love but are often disappointed.
  • Men who sleep with women in one-night stands view them as cheap and of low moral standards.
  • Some people engage in it because they are lonely and want an intimate connection even if it’s temporary.
  • One-night stands involve more married men than women.

What guys think after a one night stand

It’s a well-known fact that women often obsess about what guys think about them after a one-night stand. Here are what guys think:

  • Excited about the experience
  • Wondering if they’ve given you an orgasm
  • Obsessing if they “came” too fast or too slow
  • Thinking about staying or going after a one-night stand
  • Hope you’re on pills so you won’t get pregnant.
  • Hope you’ve not given them STD
  • Wondering if they should shower and get the hell out
  • They wonder if you’re in a relationship
  • Wondering how you got here especially if he was drunk during sex.
  • They want another round.
  • Thinking of how to brag to their friends.
  • They’re hungry after hot sex.
  • Trying to remember your name.
  • Already regretting it.
  • They hope the night means nothing to you.

Why do men like one-night stands?

Men like one-night stands because of the thrill of novelty. They like the pursuit without emotions attached to it. For some men, it’s an ego-booster, a reward for their career success and achievements.

Some men just do it under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol while some do it to temporarily forget about their unhappy marriages or relationships.

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