‘Everyone in hell is a believer’ – Apostle Joshua Selman

'Everyone in hell is a believer' - Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed in a viral video that everyone in hell is a believer but they just believed too late. 

According to him, anyone who misses the rapture which he referred to as the ‘first flight’ would experience the persecution that comes with it. Making reference to the Bible, he stated that those who miss the rapture would try to do anything to break free from the pain but would be too late by then.

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He explained further that according to the Bible, people would be raptured and would leave their loved ones who are unbelievers behind. He stated that the experience would happen in a flash and nations and governments would crumble overnight.

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Watch the video below:

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See reactions below:

@mamakamiracle: “sermons like this are rare these days thank you man of God.”

@sithandazile.pweedy: “I’ve been seeing many of these videos and signs… The end is near.”

@heyitspeace_: “holy spirit help me to stay righteous.”

@angula073: “this is very scarring but the truth. I felt like this has happened right now.”

@eleinaphiona0: “Each time I hear, the gospel of rapture, I sit back and pray that God makes me worthy. Thanks man of God. not everyone is gifted to explain this.”

@sommyjdf: “life after death is understandable imagination to man kind, ur preparation today determine how ur spiritual journey will be…”

@omolawlah4: “Lord please have mercy on me, don’t let me go astray. Let me be a partaker of your kingdom and not hell.”

@angionyi: “Someone once asked our teacher who preached about endtime..that when would this endtime come? The teacher said your own endtime might be today.”

@renefrank27: “guys this deep please if you listen to this a sound except Jesus before it is too late, God bless you all.”

@user63276705237221: “deep truth… everybody in hell is now a believer, they have remembered what the pastors was telling them when they was alive… mercy oh lord.”

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