Emotional moment family breaks down in tears as nanny leaves for holiday [VIDEO]

Emotional moment family breaks down in tears as nanny leaves for holiday [VIDEO] 1

A video captured the emotional moment a whole family cried as their nanny travelled to her home country for the festive period.

The moment, which was filmed by the wife at the airport, started with the kids crying uncontrollably as they couldn’t leave the nanny.

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The father tried to contain them, but it proved abortive. Tears could also be seen rolling down the nanny’s cheeks.

The wife, who was holding the camera, said the nanny needed to go so as not to miss her flight. The dad also became teary as he said the family couldn’t survive without the nanny.

Almost breaking down in tears, the wife hugged the nanny and said they would miss her.

The father said the nanny should come back to them and bring her kids to them if she could.

Netizens react:

@sharoneez: “Let me not lie, I teared up. Na suprise birthday gifts suppose dey make me cry today, no be this kind emotional video😂. It’s my birthday guys, say a little prayer.”

@xejiro24: “Full family crying for 1 person 😍😍. Then she’s really nice to the kids 😍”

@angie_marcus11: “Awwwwwn they love her …. If na Nigeria the mama go talk say the girl don Initiate them for her w!tch kingdom.”

@_______balqees: “The man said they can’t survive without her….. Awwwnnnnn so emotional😢.”

@hxnessy._thea: “Even the Dad almost cried 😢😢”

@engr.jide: “U see am? That ur wickedness continue the results dey front!”

@crystalbekkes: “This lady’s price just went up because families with kids are going to be requesting her service.”

@iwelu_blessing_larry: “No be all this werey nanny we dey employ for here.”

@xejiro24: “They even said “pls come back, bring yours kids with you and come😢😢😢. The nanny is a treasure I swear.”

@choplifekitchenlagos: “Even me I’m about to cry 😢😢😢😢 their eyes will see shege this holiday!!! Good nannies are hard to find 😍”

@havilahdivas101: “Mesef dey cry here love is life❤️God bless you.”

@teeevents_entertainment: “Babies don’t discriminate it’s adults.”

@doctor.chi: “Aww she must be doing something right.”

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