‘E no make sense’: Muslims tackle Seyi Vibez for including Quran verse in new song 

'E no make sense': Muslims tackle Seyi Vibez for including Quran verse in new song  1

Popular Nigerian singer and rave of the moment, Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, better known as Seyi Vibez has sparked angry reactions among Muslims after he released snippets of his upcoming song. 

Seyi Vibez shared a video of his forthcoming song, which contains a Quran verse as its lyrics, on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

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The singer has managed to stir up a highly marketable name for himself in the music industry with his latest 11-track album titled, Billion Dollar Baby.

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In the snippet, the musician kick-started the track with a recitation of the Quran.

The recitation was Suratul Al-Alaq (Quaran 96) and begins from verse 9.

Many Muslims have warned him, saying his act is a sin.


@omar_sznn: “Please stop using Quran verses in your songs.”

@boubakar_sadeek: “Qur’an verses for song is bad fr ❌❌.”

@sulaimanabdulbasit5: ”my problem is he should atleast remove the verses there cos that’s doesn’t make sense combining Quran recitation to a song that would be probably played at a club or unholy places.”

@abu.princo: “Seyi please don’t add Quran content to your music.”

@zarsbby333: “this is very I mean VERY disrespectful to us Muslims, our religion and the Quran, you should respect yourself and remove the Quran as your intro. May Allah guide you.”

@olachillex: “Stop adding Qur’anic verses to your music, What correlation does it have?”

@rukayyaaaa.a: “Nooooo this is inappropriate, very very inappropriate. How were you okay with adding the verses of the holy Quran to your music???? How does that make sense to you?????”

@ayoabdullahii: “Salaamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu. It’s really better we keep mute and not say anything than be ignorant about what we don’t know. In Islam there is nothing like I THINK. If you don’t have any Qur’an verse or any Hadith that justifies our argument, then let’s avoid being ignorant about it. The fact that most of us still sing songs doesn’t mean it’s still not haram. May Allah guide everyone one of us to the right path.”

@oyin_mix_mola: “Abeg make we rest! We should be proud he is promoting Islam ☪️”

@itz_queen_zeee: “This is not good 👩🏽‍🦯using The Quran to make music is the worst thing anyone can do. That’s an insult to our religion.”

@abu_farhan009: “Bruh if you no see anybody tell u na rubbish be dis why you Dey include Quran verses in your worldly song! Dis is not even making sense in any way Islam is against dis totally don’t be deceived!”

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