All there is to know about the TikTok trend, Dubai Porta Potty

All there is to know about the TikTok trend, Dubai Porta Potty

Some strange things take over TikTok, but the latest viral trend might just be the strangest and the most disgusting.

TikTok users are discovering something called the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’, which is rumoured to go on amongst influencers and the elite in the United Arab Emirates.


What is Dubai Porta Potty?

Rumour has it that influencers and other young women perform the Dubai Porta Potty in exchange for cash or presents. It seems rather repulsive, but the theory goes that these women let others urinate or poop on them in exchange for purses, shoes, and other hedonistic possessions.

Indeed, we do refer to poop and wee as excretes. I know, it is disgusting. Yet, this is what reportedly happens.

For a while, the idea has appalled users of social media on TikTok and Twitter. It appears that recordings of the purported fraud are also widely available online, but you should not look for/at them, especially if you are not strong at heart.

So, in a nutshell, a Dubai Porta Potty is a woman (usually an Instagram model) who gets flown out to Dubai by a rich Emirati, who pays them to do horrible, horrible things

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Reasons for Dubai Porta Potty

It is not surprising that attractive young women are utilising their God-given talents to travel the world and earn five figures every night. Perhaps the only industry where women earn more than men is the adult film industry.

It also comes as no great surprise that Dubai has emerged as a major centre for sex tourism worldwide. Even though sex work is forbidden in all UAE municipals, Dubai has a long history of allegedly transporting sex workers and trafficking women. Arguably, prostitution has purportedly made Dubai the preferred location in the Gulf for sex tourism.

Additionally, there are no entry requirements, and women are free to set their hours, fees, and service offerings.

Most of the women who are involved in this act do so because of the money or gifts promised to them. Most of these girls either come from poor homes or are desperate to become wealthy at any cost.

Who engages in Dubai Porta Potty?

It is pretty easy to observe how western women will supposedly degrade moral values just to make a few dollars off a wealthy Arab man or any other national residing in the UAE.

All you have to do is search on Instagram for the sexiest girl you can find, and then you invite her to Dubai for a paid vacation for a reported $30,000 so she can brag about it to her devoted followers. Then you decide what she does in return.

Instagram models were first brought to light a few years ago by the website: TagTheSponsor, and it did not take long for it to become overrun with screenshots of ladies agreeing to perform a variety of obscene actions in exchange for money. TagTheSponsor shows pictures and videos of young girls willing to do things like let guys poop on them and abuse 11-year-old boys who need to become men, among other things.

The most well-known request is for the women to allow the men to poop in their mouths. This is why the girls are known as Porta Potties. Their mouth is a porta potty, a “portable toilet”.

These chats usually start with the man sending a direct message to the girl and asking if she wants to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai. The girls typically know the drill and start talking numbers right away.

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The guy will make an initial offer of roughly $5,000 for regular sex but will rapidly transition to discussing how much money he is willing to pay if she will indulge his more strange desires. The girl is informed about these preferences, she consents (typically via video to demonstrate her consent) and she also agrees to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

The girl is then brought to the UAE, where the magic happens.

She would make sure to take a few pictures of herself on his yacht or in his aircraft and post the images on Instagram to flaunt her extravagant life, in addition to performing any humiliating deeds the client requests.

These images are a marketing gimmick, according to those in the know. The ladies will include an email address for booking requests, name their locations as London/Dubai, and post numerous pictures of themselves having a good time in Dubai.

Dubai Porta Potty confessions

Several women have dared to speak out about their unpleasant porta-potty experience in Dubai, detailing how they were supposedly conned into the business of eating human waste for profit.

For the money, some of these women engage in sexual activity with their hosts, who urinate into the mouths of these women. The women also allegedly engage in sexual activity with canines and camels.

A woman from Nigeria revealed her story of being deceived into using a porta-potty in Dubai. She received $5,700, instead of $18,000, because she was unable to have all the unpleasant sexual experiences.

She revealed that she was one of the women who had experienced sexual assault in Dubai. She claimed to have met a woman on Facebook who frequently visits that location, as she had seen photos of the woman in the desert. They got acquainted via Facebook and subsequently became close.

The “victim” said the woman later explained to her how she would make money by travelling to Dubai and that all she had to do was sleep with one person to earn money and purchase clothing and perfumes to sell there. As a result, she asked the woman if she could take her there whenever she went. She also emphasised that she was short on cash, but the woman assured her that she would make the payment on her behalf and be refunded when she (the “victim”) makes her money.

She recounted that on the very day they travelled, instead of checking into a hotel as she had previously stated, the woman took her directly to a large house that belonged to an Arab man. According to the Nigerian woman, the man was excited to see the woman, so she (the victim) knew that was the man she was about to link her to. That night, her friend left clubbing with the man’s friend while she remained with the Arab man.

She stated that the Arab man tied her to the bed in a romantic way and asked her to suck his dick, which she did. However, she became apprehensive as the man would not stop oral sex, especially as her jaws popped out. She, however, claimed that the man began assaulting her and said she was billed to give him “mouth action” for an hour. He warned her to cooperate or risk losing the $18,000 he intends to pay her.

According to her, she believed she was going to smell his anus when he sat on her face the following minute, but he instructed her to lick him because that is the only way he could enter the room. She hesitated at first until he threatened her with a live snake. She had to lick it until poop began to come out, and the man asked her to eat it.

The Nigerian woman also highlighted the pain and scars she still carries from the whippings she received for not simply eating the entire poo. She claimed that the man subsequently brought a large dog for her to suck on and threatened to have the animal chew her if she did not do it well. He then left his room and started talking to his friend on phone. She said she knew it was her that they were talking about, but she could not understand the language spoken.

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For more confessions, watch the video below:

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