Don’t ‘japa’ with woman who isn’t your mother, sister – Nigerian man advises gender

Don’t 'japa' with woman who isn’t your mother, sister - Nigerian man advises gender 1

A Nigerian man, Prince Somorin Osifeso, has advised fellow men not to take any Nigerian woman who isn’t their mother or sister abroad.

He gave the advice on X while reacting to a post by one @segxi_ about a certain Momoh, who took his wife abroad and was shot to death by his wife’s lover.

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According to Prince Somorin Osifeso, there are many sad stories like that of Mr. Momoh in the United States.

He warned men against taking women whom they are not biologically related to abroad.

“Plenty stories like that in the U.S. But Kabiru in Abule Egba thinks he’ll be immune.

“Don’t take a Nigerian woman that’s not your mother or sister abroad,” he tweeted.

Don’t 'japa' with woman who isn’t your mother, sister - Nigerian man advises gender 2

See reactions:

@cruzzking: “Some of you are dating your enemies 🥲🥲.. A woman you can’t plan traveling out with, shouldn’t be in your life at all. Someone in an extremely healthy relationship will see this and go ahead to work with this mentality. Marry a lady that wants to be your wife and be good to her then we won’t have these stupid problems. 😒😒.”

@eloka_eloka_: “this thing happened to me in 2011 , 2015 and 2019!! I’ve learnt the hard way.”

@queen_esq: “Coming from people who are most likely dependants on their wives visas 😂.”

@h.a.p.p.y.p: “You were a romantic man, good listener, fun to be with and all when you wooing her and while dating her.. You marry her finish turn her to house dog, slave, and punching bad anytime you angry, and you go around having fun outside with side chick’s.. She endured because of the society stigmatization and family name protection… Now you took her abroad and you’re wondering why she chose not to be a slave again… I’m a man and I will tell you that 80% of marriages that ends abroad are living corpse in Nigeria before traveling.”

@ladyque_1: “Y’all should marry your fellow men and leave women alone.”

@_iamsheila__: “Treat your wives well and u will enjoy a happy home, home and abroad 🙂.”

@odenigbooo: “What if the woman won take me abroad ?? Make I accept ???😂.”

@ugochinyere__: ‘Just marry your sisters and mothers and leave us women alone. Everyday Nigerian women this and that 🙄.”

@ojiugo_soso: “Women don’t take your husbands abroad, marry a man that has passports and soft life to offer you , not someone you’ll split bills with and he’ll still think he’s the prize.”

@corlerdayy: “I need to write my own story, you’re right 💯.”

@ayinke_olaa: “Some of you don’t treat your wife well that’s why they mistreat you at any slight chance.”

@pro_to_col__: “Do you still believe woman can make you become great man on this earth? Yes I believe 💯📌.”

@callmedamy: “Women this women that…what about the men some women took abroad and got treated badly by this men…did you see them ranting on the internet.”

@dayotutu1: “Then the abroad woman shouldn’t take any man who isn’t her father or brothers abroad.”

@engrgift24: “Buh to be honest, there are lots of amazing and great women out there, dont be decieved by what you see on social media…..God bless all the great women out there.”

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