Don’t ‘japa’ with wife who sees her money as hers alone – UK-based Nigerian advises men

Don't 'japa' with wife who sees her money as hers alone - UK-based Nigerian advises men 1

A UK-based Nigerian woman has advised men not to Japa (relocate abroad) with a wife who sees her money as hers alone.

The woman shared the advice while responding to a tweet about wives turning against their husbands after relocating abroad.

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According to the woman, not every woman is like that. She used herself as an example and claimed that ever since she relocated to the UK with her husband, she has been the one footing his bills and those of their children and has never disrespected him because of that.

She counselled men to only relocate with their wives if she is the type who doesn’t mind spending her money on the house.

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She said women who see their money as their own would get frustrated to have to spend it on the family when they get abroad, and this can’t be avoided since one person can’t pay the bill alone.

See reactions:

@iamneenaah: “In conclusion, it is very important to marry a kind person❤️.”

@mziphy: “Everything the poster said is valid. But I am glad u & ur hubby is a team. Team: together everyone achieves more. If there was lack of teamwork even u d wife will get frustrated simple. Ur husband was raised to know that asides from being a provider, he can be useful in d house. And my opinion if u dont trust ur spouse enough to make big life moves with dem, den dont waste time marrying d person simple..”

@mizkimoraprecious: “Marry a kind partner!
A good woman will show you support in ways that you won’t expect.
I pray your husband gets a good job and life will be easy for you and your household.
When praying for a kind partner,be a kind person too!
Make u no go use agbada Dey wear bathroom slippers.”

@abbaoflagos: “People wey God bless with better partner no know say na the biggest flex be that..”

@norgecha: “Great husband and great wife. This is why it’s important we share our stories, no be every time bad wife lol.”

@poshglobalmedia: “Marrying a kind-hearted person is one of the most underrated life hacks.”

@electra_nelly: “Just marry a reasonable, caring and understanding partner, vice versa… E get why.”

@themagic_hands__: “Women were created to be help mate for men, meaning you help him in whatever way necessary. Everything is just different in some marriages these days.”

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