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DNA Test: After 20 years of marriage, Nigerian man discovers he’s not the biological father of his 5 children

Man finds out his 5 children aren't his after 20 years of marriage

A Nigerian man who has been married for two decades was shocked to his bones after he discovered his children are not biologically his.

The 57-year-old man found out after he carried out a DNA test on his 5 children, whom he has nurtured for many years.

This shocking revelation threatens the foundation of a marriage that has lasted 20 years.

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Former Special Assistant to a Former FCT Minister and social media influencer, Henry Nwazuruahu Shield, shared the man’s story via his Facebook page.

According to Henry Shield, the 57-year-old man is livid and feels disappointed, but people are telling him to “be a man” and keep his cool.

Paternity fraud has recently been a trending issue in Nigeria, and many men have received a rude awakening that they aren’t the biological father of children they have loved and catered for.

Many netizens reacting to the post have blamed the man’s wife, adding that the women in this generation are more promiscuous than they used to be in the past.

Others have advised the man to start life afresh, while some said he should check his potency.

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Man Forgives Wife After She Cheated And Pinned Another Man’s Child On Him

Meanwhile, in a rare show of magnanimity, a man forgave his wife after he discovered that she cheated on him.

The forgiving man absolved his wife of any wrongdoing years after finding out he’s not the biological father of their daughter.

In a post shared on Facebook, his wife reportedly had an affair with a neighbour who impregnated her, and they both decided to pin the child on him.

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