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Divorce is failure, you don’t celebrate it – Korra Obidi’s ex husband hits back after she celebrated their divorce

Divorce is failure, you don't celebrate it - Korra Obidi's ex husband hits back after she celebrated their divorce

In an obvious response to Korra Obidi’s open celebration of her divorce, her ex-husband, Justin Dean, has said the split is not a thing to be happy about.

Dean in a new video circulating social media said separation from one’s partner indicates failure and should not be celebrated.

He said;

When people get divorced, there’s nothing to celebrate. It represents a failure and I hate failing.

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While stating his disappointment with society, he mentioned his desire to raise his daughters to imbibe skills to stay in a marriage.

He admitted to receiving several messages encouraging him to play ‘the social media game”. To go out and look unbothered.

Dean said in part;

I will raise my daughters in such a way that they have the skills necessary to maintain a marriage… Because marriage is work. It’s not something that you go in thinking, ‘Oh, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get divorced. I’ll just move on to the next thing in life’. If you have that kind of mentality it’s almost more like a transaction. It’s like this person is going to elevate me in one way in life and when it no longer works I’ll just divorce them and do it again.

Korra’s divorce annuncement

In a video on Friday, November 18, 2022, Korra informed her fans of her victory in court after a battle to gain custody of their children.

Weeks earlier, Korra had revealed that Justin was demanding child custody proceedings against her and spousal support payments from her.

Korra criticized over Instagram photo

The Nigerian dancer recently responded to trolls after she faced heavy criticism over an unclad photo that she posted on her Instagram page.

Korra left little to the imagination as she bared her body in a photo announcing her new music.

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In the picture, the mother of two backs the camera in a sensual post with just a sliver of fabric covering her butt.

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