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‘Degrees of Lewdity’: Surviving Vrelnir’s lewd town

'Degrees of Lewdity': Surviving Vrelnir's lewd town

Degrees of Lewdity is an erotic game that requires game players to survive in a town full of people with dark intentions and desires.

In this article, we look at what this game, which was developed by Vrelnir, is about and what you need to know to play it.

What is ‘Degrees of Lewdity’?

What is 'Degrees of Lewdity'?

This is a sensual game. In a town full of people with obscene intentions, users play as an eighteen-year-old. Activities include going to school and getting a job that pays well, becoming a criminal or engaging in more sensual activities with your body.

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There is a lot of sex in general and strong sexual undertones throughout the game. It is not suitable for people below the age of 18. You need to certify that you are an adult when downloading the game.

‘Degrees of Lewdity’ mod

'Degrees of Lewdity' mod

The goal of the mod is to enhance some graphic elements from a lewd standpoint.

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How to play ‘Degrees of Lewdity’

Degrees of lewdity

As stated earlier, you play as an 18-year-old and you will engage in more sensual activities with your body. Game players can download Degrees of Lewdity from game applications online for free.

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