Dablixx Osha: Rapper whose mother foretold his death

Dablixx Osha: Rapper whose mother foretold his death before he died

Dablixx Osha was a young Nigerian rapper who stole the hearts of many with his Yoruba and English lyrics. Sadly, his music reign was cut short when he died, but he lives on in the hearts of his family and friends.

Unlike other musicians who have kicked the bucket, Dablixx spoke about his death while alive. This has caused people to want to know how he knew he was going to die at a young age.

So, here is all you need to know about Dablixx Osha.

Dablixx Osha dancing

Dablixx Osha biography

Born on August 27, 1995, Oniyide Azeez was professionally known as Dablixx Osha or also referred to as Osha Marleba. He was born in Lagos State but his state of origin was Ogun State.

Dablixx Osha had his primary and secondary education in Lagos State.

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He developed an interest in singing and rapping at a very young age and he went ahead to pursue it. Considering that he was nicknamed ‘Ikorodu Lil Wayne’ by colleagues and fans, many have speculated that his family resides in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos. However, it was also speculated that he was given the nickname following his many tattoos, just like that of the American rapper he was nicknamed after.

Just like many celebrities, Dablixx took advantage of the many opportunities that social media provided and became popular through his freestyles on Instagram.

Dablixx Osha selfie

Dablixx Osha career

Dablixx Osha gained fame through his rap freestyles on social media. He established a strong presence on Instagram, increasing his fanbase and followership. His lyrics spoke to real-life issues such as betrayal, street smarts, trust and pain. He sang and rapped in both Yoruba, his indigenous language, and English. 

Dablixx Osha’s melodic flow enabled him to garner fans and made stakeholders in the music industry describe him as a “precious jewel”. His talent was undeniable and it gave him a contract deal with Made Men Music Group (MMMG) Records. MMMG Records is owned by Uti Franklin, a popular entertainment entrepreneur in Nigeria.

In terms of collaborations, Dablixx Osha worked with some of Nigeria’s top artists like Lil Frosh, Oladips, and Zlatan. Some of his hit songs include: Project Kid, Pray We Live Long and They Can’t Understand.

The rapper had his music career going in the right direction before he was snatched away by the cold hands of death.

Dablixx Osha rapping

Dablixx Osha’s discography

Dablixx Osha released three albums, all replete with several songs. Below is a look at his discography.


  • Sick Six (2020)
  • EKO (2021)
  • Arc Angel [Extended Play -EP] (2021)

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  • Outside
  • Coming From A Far Place
  • On God
  • Dead Can’t Die (with Mr Bee) 
  • Gurumaraji (featuring Lil Frosh) 
  • Say No To Big Fall (featuring Zlatan) 
  • Project kid
  • Ride with one 
  • King of The New Skull 
  • Hating On A Young Nigga 
  • No Love In The Streets 
  • My brother my life 
  • Listen to My Song 
  • Vibe On Quarantine 
  • Change Eh 
  • Canal 
  • Too Much Vibe 
  • Childhood Trauma 
  • Moller 
  • Game Not Over 
  • Hugh right now
  • Change My Ways 
  • Get out
  • Go For Money 
  • They Can’t Understand 
  • Party in My Yard 
  • Can’t Keep Her 
  • Can’t Fall No More 
  • Pray we live long
  • Gbetan
  • Kilamiti
  • Investigating
  • Eko Ile 
  • Chase
  • Trap Girls

Dablixx Osha single

Dablixx Osha’s net worth

There is no report confirming Dablixx Osha’s net official worth at the moment.

Dablixx Osha death

Dablixx Osha died on November 7, 2022. The rapper’s family announced the news of his demise in a statement on Instagram, saying: “We the family of Dablixx would like to thank everyone who has reached out. He is in a better place now. We hope the public would let us mourn him privately and peacefully. He is forever loved.”

His friend and colleague, Mohbad, also confirmed the rapper’s death on his Instagram story. Another of his friends, Blazee, expressed his grief on Twitter, asking: “Dablixx why?”, in a post accompanied by emotional smileys.

The death of the young and talented rapper came as a shock to many. The cause of his death was not revealed. Although there was no official report revealing the reason for his death, speculations circulated on social media that the musician was taken to the hospital due to a severe stomach ache and passed away there.

Dablixx Osha’s death still brings cold chills whenever his name is mentioned. After his death, fans discovered that the rapper foretold his death in one of his songs. In the song entitled: Pray We Live Long, he revealed how his mother dreamt about him dying. Although he did not believe her, he still stated that he did not want to die young

He sang: 

My mother dreamt about me dying

But I told her she lying

She said, she saw my niggas on that bad that night

I don’t wanna die young

I just wanna live long (under the street o boy)

I don’t wanna die young

How old was Dablixx Osha?

Considering how young he was when he died, many people have asked the question of how old was Dablixx Osha. The singer was born on August 27, 1995. At the time of his death, he was 27 years old. He would have been 28 in 2023.

Dablixx Osha portrait
The memory of Dablixx Osha will always be loved and cherished. His music was and still easily connects with the ordinary Nigerian, especially those who understand the Yoruba language. He was a gem that stood out for his unique talent.

Which of Dablixx Osha’s songs is your favourite?

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