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Comrade don lose focus: Bicycle rider falls off into canal after turning to admire endowed lady

Bicycle rider falls off into canal after turning to admire endowed lady

A young man suffered a hilarious fall after losing focus for a moment while riding a bicycle.

The laughable incident occurred when the man turned to look at a lady who walked past, presumably to catch a glimpse of her endowment.

His fall off the bicycle into what looked like a canal was captured in a video circulating on social media.

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Onlookers immediately exclaimed as he fell off the bicycle and rolled down into the canal.

The embarrassed man tried to pick himself up almost immediately.

Man surprises wife with new house during their child dedication

In other news, a Nigerian lady went into wild excitement after her husband gave her keys to a new house he got her.

The couple was spotted in the company of family and friends in a video circulating online when the man pulled the surprise.

The man presented her keys to the house at a gathering which looks like the dedication of their newborn.

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Without doing anything extra, he stretched out the keys to her as they arrived at the entrance of the house.

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