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Comedian Woli Agba calls out skit makers for disrespecting women

Comedian Woli Agba calls out skit makers for disrespecting women's bodies

Nigerian comedian and actor, Woli Agba, recently expressed his concern regarding the treatment of women’s bodies in skits and videos shared on social media.

Woli Agba conveyed his disappointment about the increasing number of videos in which women’s bodies, particularly their buttocks, are being touched inappropriately. He criticized the disrespectful portrayal of women in these videos, emphasizing that they are often objectified solely for the purpose of creating content.

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The entertainer revealed that he has come across such inappropriate videos while using his phone with his son. To protect his son from explicit content, he mentioned that he switched from watching videos to reading the Bible.

Woli Agba urged content creators to find ways to convey their messages without resorting to disrespectful or immoral content.

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