Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for couples

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for couples

The Christmas season is here, and Christians and non-Christians are preparing to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, children are always the ones who celebrate the season the most. Why won’t they? When they’re not worrying about having to afford Christmas clothes and chicken? But couples are allowed to enjoy the season as well. If you don’t know what to get your spouse or partner, then you’re welcome to learn about Christmas gift ideas for couples.

In the meantime, remember that there’s always the “Dry January.” So take it easy “chopping your money.” At the same time, buy something that you know your partner will appreciate. It mustn’t be expensive, especially if your partner has simple tastes. Now, let’s look at the top 10 Christmas gift ideas for couples, especially Nigerian couples.

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for couples

1. A dress

A dress

When in doubt, buy a beautiful dress for your woman. No woman on earth can resist a dress gift from her partner. From short, simple dresses to beautiful long dinner gowns, there’s always something out there that will fit your woman. A great tip is to understand your woman’s body shape, skin and preferences. Keep these in mind when shopping for that dress. She’ll appreciate and love you more for knowing what she wants.

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2. Shirt and trousers

Shirt and trousers

Get your man an elegant pair of trousers and a shirt. Believe me; he can’t resist loving you more than before. Nigerian men are particularly known for not having enough in their wardrobe. It’s typical to see a Nigerian man, especially the married one, always repeating the same outfit. Help him change things out by gifting him a shirt and trousers to celebrate Christmas in style.

3. Perfume collection

Perfume collection

If your partner is a perfume freak, you might consider gifting them a perfume collection. There are many brands out there, but you have to stick with the brand your partner likes. This thoughtful gift will put a smile on your partner’s face.

4. Wristwatch

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Men love wristwatches, even though you can easily look up the time with your phone. Women also love to wear wristwatches but most prefer jewellery like chains, bangles, earrings, rings etc. Buy your man a designer wristwatch to make his Christmas season.

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5. Shoes

Shoes for men and women
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Hey, what’s the point of buying clothes if you don’t have shoes to match? It’s the Christmas season. Of course, shoes are great gifts to buy for your partner. Not only are they wanted, but they are also needed. You might notice that your partner doesn’t have enough shoes in their collections forcing them to repeat the ones they have all the time. Make this Christmas a refreshing one by gifting them a pair to make a difference.

6. Jewellery

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Show me a woman that doesn’t like jewellery, and I’ll tell you to check again. Rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces etc., are women’s definition of beautiful gifts. It will even be better if the jewellery is designed by known brands. You can never go wrong gifting your woman some beautiful jewellery. Prepare for plenty of hugs and kisses and, you know… (coughs), lots of za oza room styles.

7. Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances
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You do know that celebrating Christmas also means lots of cooking and eating. Make cooking a pleasant experience this season by gifting kitchen appliances that are needed. They could be pots, kettles, spoons, microwaves, blenders, pressure pots, knives, etc. There are many things that you can provide in your kitchen if only you look. Appliances are perfect gifts for Christmas, and the list is endless.

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8. Mobile phone

an Apple phone

Have you noticed that your partner needs a brand-new phone? Maybe the ones they’re currently using are outdated and causing them trouble. Or maybe they need to change to something better. Surprise them by gifting them a brand new mobile phone. If you can afford iPhone 14, watch them screaming your name as they jump in ecstasy that this wonderful gift. In fact, you will permanently remain in their hearts as the best thing that happened to them.

9. Bags, purses and wallets

Bags, purses and wallets
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Bags, purses and wallets will always score points where your partner is concerned. These are essential wardrobe items that are needed to go out. For men, a wallet is enough to contain all they need. Women are different. They want a handbag and a clutch purse for outings. You can even do better by attaching a love note promising to take them out for a date. There’s nothing better than that.

10. Ankara


Nigerians love ankara materials. If you cannot decide the type of clothes you want to gift your partner, there are ankara materials to the rescue. They can never grow old, and your partner is left to decide the style he or she wants to sow. There are many top brands in the market, like Hollandis, Daviva, High Target etc.


Other Christmas gift ideas for couples are:

  • Makeup kit
  • Video games like PS5 (for the gaming types)
  • Food hampers
  • Spa Day
  • Bone straight hair
  • Fan or other home appliances
  • Laptops

The most important thing you should consider is what your partner needs. This is what makes a perfect gift. If you care about your partner, you will notice them. They might have been complaining about something they need but cannot afford at a given time. Some partners are not vocal, but they will be dropping hints. Go right ahead and fulfil those needs according to your wallet.

Sometimes it’s not how expensive or even the gifts; it’s about your thoughtfulness, your demonstration of how much they mean to you. Believe me, your relationship will be made in heaven when you show your partner that he or she matters in your life through your gifts. Even when there are challenges, remembering that you care is enough to make things right again. In other words, be serious about the Christmas gifts you want to give to your partner. You may not know this, but they reflect your heart.

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