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Christianity makes you poor – Speed Darlington alleges

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Darlington Okoye, commonly known as Speed Darlington, Speed Darlington, a Nigerian hip-hop singer, has claimed that Christianity is responsible for poverty.

He argues that the religion brainwashes people into believing that being generous and giving up their belongings in goodwill is a virtuous act to secure a place in heaven.

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However, he questions the existence of heaven, stating that no one knows for sure if it is real. His comments have sparked discussions and reactions on social media platforms.

“Christianity makes you poor because it instills in your mind that giving away your possessions is noble, and that this is how you get to Heaven,” he explained. “Heaven, you don’t know if it exists.”

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Watch him speak below:

Netizens react: 

@hannah_onicake: “Christianity has never said giving will get you into heaven go and read your Bible”

@yungginez1: “The funny part is that he doesn’t have money”

@kokisilla: “Colonial masters needed to sell us hope. They sold us hope.”

@xpensive_fatima: “He’s right though, Christianity is a lifestyle”

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