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Charly Boy pokes fun at Nigerians ‘Japa-ing’ to UK, netizens react

Nigerians are selling properties to 'japa' to UK, those in UK want Nigeria - Charly Boy

Veteran Nigerian singer, Chukwuemeka Oputa aka Chaly Boy, has started a conversation on social media with a tweet about different migration trends among Nigerians in the UK and those in Nigeria.

In his tweet, Charly Boy humorously pointed out that Nigerians in the UK are working hard to build houses in Nigeria, while some Nigerians at home are selling their houses to move to the UK. This observation highlights the interesting contrast in ‘Japa’ goals between Nigerians abroad and those in Nigeria.

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The tweet has caught the attention of many on social media, leading to discussions about the various reasons and circumstances that drive these different choices.

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See the tweet below:

See reactions below:

@masonsokun4real: “Irony of life. Lets believe in the country and stop gaslighting the country.”

@Lordkesh6: “Hope this one is not caused by our politicians ?”

@colzing: “Yes go to the UK where there life is secured, there rights respected and get good healthcare while working and earning enough money to rebuild the house in Nigeria and own a house in the Uk !! Do selling off their house in Nigeria it’s simply an investment!!!”

@Ohijeme: “Na so o! Don’t look further I did same and soon I build better houses and acquire good lands compared to what was sold. Life is about being strategic.”

@jjessse: “Everything at the end of the day as King Solomon said in the scriptures is Vanity, a chasing after the wind. But as a Nigerian even the wind sef, we no see.”

@tweetsbyLUSH: “Certainly, belief in one’s country and fostering a positive environment can contribute to a sense of unity and progress. It’s important to work together and address concerns constructively rather than engaging in gaslighting or divisive behavior.”

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