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Top 20 cat PFP ideas to try on TikTok

Top 20 cat PFP ideas to try on TikTok

No rule says you must upload your image on your social media account. After all, many people are not comfortable with putting their images out there. Luckily, there is the cat PFP which is becoming a trend on social media, especially TikTok.

So, what exactly does cat PFP mean? How is it done? You will know this when you read this article.

What is cat PFP?

To understand the term, you must first understand what PFP means. PFP is an abbreviation which means “Profile Picture”. A profile picture is an image or picture that represents an individual on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.

Therefore, a cat PFP is a cat meme or funny cat picture that people use on their social media profiles. There are tons of cat images online and they are free. So, people who are not comfortable with uploading their images can use these free cat PFPs on their social media profiles.

Top 20 cat PFP ideas for TikTok

Skabash! presents the top 20 cat PFP ideas to upload on your TikTok profile.

20. The black cat

The black cat

Nigerians are superstitious about cats. The black cats are especially terrifying and will probably elicit binding and casting from overly religious people. However, black cats are cute for a profile picture. You should use one and damn the consequences.

PS: Expect scriptures and condemnations to flood your timeline.

19. The Ninja cat

The Ninja cat

“What’s with black cats everywhere?” you may ask. Do not worry. There are plenty of bright-coloured ninja cats on the internet you can use. If you cannot find any that pleases you, find a stray cat and wrap a bandana or handkerchief around the nose and take some pictures. Good luck with finding a stray cat that will stay in one place for a photoshoot.

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18. Slovak kitty

Slovak kitty

The Slovak kitty is a funny animal that is trending on social media. If you do not like the ninja cat, why not try the Slovak cat? It is cute, right?

17. The cat-mouse

The cat-mouse

We know what a cat is to a mouse and vice versa. Why not try the funny idea of merging both together to become one? It is a cat-mouse which is a photoshop of a cat and a mouse to become one animal. This is a great way to attract a following on TikTok.

16. The pink cat

The pink cat

Pink is traditionally ascribed to feminine interests. So, you will be right to assume that the pink cat PFP will be a favourite among the ladies. It also shows you understand fashion and you are doing well financially to maintain a cat like that. A great form of attracting a huge following on TikTok.

15. Cat banana

Cat banana

The cat banana is a funny profile and it is currently trending on TikTok. If you are interested in making funny content, you can use this one. There are different types of this PFP on social media. The one above is called a sad cat banana. There is a serious cat banana, a happy cat banana and so on.

14. Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat

A sleeping cat makes a great profile picture. It gives an impression of a sleeping beauty and female followers and cat lovers will appreciate it. Expect different comments with this one.

13. Ginger Maine cat

Ginger Maine cat

A Ginger Maine cat has variations of colours such as orange, marmalade or sandy. However, the most predominant colour is red and they come in many variations of shades and patterns. They also make the perfect PFP which can melt any heart, including stone-hearted ones.

12. Scary red profile cat

Scary red profile cat

This one is creepy. For some reason, the red profile cat is a big trend on TikTok. It is probably a hit for those who enjoy horror thrillers. But expect a lot of binding and casting from Nigerian followers.

11. The standing cat

The standing cat

A standing cat is funny anywhere and anytime. Using it as a PFP is a great way to create content for your TikTok profile. Make people laugh with this PFP and thank me later.

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10. Internet cat

Internet cat

Domestic animals are known to imitate their human owners. What is a better way of showing your smart cat than posting a profile picture of it using your laptop to browse the internet? Cute, right? A lot of your followers will agree.

9. Fairy cat

Fairy cat

You must have heard about fairies. But have you heard about fairy cats? Fairies inspire interesting stories. Posting a fairy cat as your PFP will inspire you to create great content for your TikTok platform.

8. Matching cats

Matching cats

Matching cats are cute for days. There are several cute poses you can explore for this one. You can use a cat kissing another matching cat or post two matching cats sleeping together. The one above should inspire you to try several cute poses.

7. Chef cat

Chef cat

This chef cat is called Maro and she allows herself to be dressed up as the chef of beautifully prepared meals from all over the world whose origins are reflected in her costumes. The meals include recipes from France, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States of America, among others. Maro is popular on Instagram. But there is nothing wrong to use her as a cat PFP for TikTok.

6. Naughty cat

Naughty cat

The naughty cat is “sassy” or “mischievous”. It is not ill-behaved, it is simply eager to make a statement, to go where no cat has gone before. The naughty cat tends to be fearless, curious and has a short temper. Generally, naughty cats are cute and funny and they make great PFP ideas for TikTok.

5. Blushing cat

Blushing cat

We blush when we are in love, complimented for something we did right or pleased. Imagine seeing a blushing cat on a TikTok profile. Makes a great profile, right?

4. Grumpy cat

Grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat was one of the most prominent social media pet stars on the internet, with over 2.7 million followers on Instagram. However, the cat has since died on May 14, 2014. But Grumpy Cat can be a great inspiration to create a PFP with a cat that has the same expression.

3. Cool cat

Cool cat

The cool cat is just what it is named – cool. A great favourite for all genders, it is a great cat PFP idea for your TikTok profile.

2. Cute cat

Cute cat

If this does not elicit “aww” from your followers, then you probably have obiakpo followers. The cute cat PFP is a heart melter. Even if you do not like cats, you will be tempted to get one after viewing it on your TikTok profile.

1. Gangster cat

Gangster cat

Cats may arguably be a preference for old single ladies but the gangster cat is impressive to everyone. Even “alpha” males cannot deny how cool a gangster cat can be a great idea for a cat PFP. This is why it tops the list of cat PFP for TikTok.

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