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Burna Boy slams foreign news outlets over viral photo of him without beards

Burna Boy slams foreign news outlets over viral photo of him without beards 1

Nigerian award-winning superstar, Burna Boy has expressed anger towards foreign media platforms over a trending photo of him without a beard.

Recall that in 2021, Burna Boy, known for his signature bearded look, caused a stir online when a photo of him without his beard circulated.

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Recently, the photo resurfaced, leading some foreign media platforms to write articles about it.

Burna Boy criticized those who rely on such blogs, calling them weirdos. He mentioned that he shaved his beard in 2021 and has now grown it back.

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He expressed amusement that despite his groundbreaking achievements, they only seemed interested in who he is dating and his facial hair.

In a later statement, Burna Boy apologized to the Nigerian social media, admitting that he used to think that Nigerian blogs were uniquely stupid, but now he realizes they learned it from the West.

“To all you weirdos who depend on @theshaderoom @theshadeborough and other weirdos’ blogs for your daily news. I shaved my beard in 2021 not now. But it’s good to know that for all the history I’ve been making and records I’ve been setting and breaking. You PARASITES only care about who I might have fucked, who I’m fùcking, and stupīd shit like “Burna Boy shaved his beard”. I gotta apologize to Nigerian blogs now cuz I thought their stupidity was unique. I didn’t know they learned all they know from the West,” his post read.

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