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Body count: Meaning, discussing it with your partner, more

Body count: Meaning, discussing it with your partner, more 1

In the military, body count is defined as the total number of people killed in an event such as wars, accidents etc.

It can also be referred to as the number of persons someone has slept with or had sexual intercourse with.

Body count definition

In today’s world, emphasis is placed more on the number of sex partners a woman has had than how many women a man has slept with. 

If a woman has slept with so many men, she is tagged a prostitute. But if a man sleeps with so many women, he is referred to as a big guy.

Body count is a controversial topic that has been debated by many.

It has brought up the debate as to whether it is even necessary for partners to tell each other how many people they have slept with in the past or not. 

For women, body count is more of an embarrassment. Society tends to judge women more about body count while praising men. For a man, body count is considered bragging rights than embarrassment.

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How important is discussing your body count number with your partner?

This is a very tricky question. As a lot of people have different opinions on whether discussing the topic with your partner is necessary or not.

Some believe that it shouldn’t be discussed since the number doesn’t change anything or define who the person is, and since it’s in the past, it might not be necessary to discuss it with your partner.

Tracy Cox, a famous English author and columnist specialising in dating, sex and relationships, says that you should never disclose your body count, no matter how gently or how politely or innocently he asks.

I believe that it should be discussed, especially when the two people are in a committed relationship. Openness and communication in a relationship make it forget. It is better to let your partner know how many people you have slept with from your mouth rather than hearing it from an outsider’s mouth.

According to Joro Olumfin, a famous relationship expert, both men and women should reveal their past sexual activities to their partners. He states that It helps increase honesty which can help grow the relationship and make it last longer.

 He wrote that if you have been dating your partner for more than six months, they deserve to know your body count and sexual history.

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Comfortable body count number 

Is there a certain number acceptable for both genders regarding body count? What is the average number of sexual partners a person can have? Research has shown that the average count for both men and women is anywhere between four and eight.

However, even the research still varies from person to person. Some people may view a body count of four as too much for their partners. Many don’t view the number at all. It depends on the partner you have.

Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion on the number of sexual partners their partner should have. This is based on individual preferences, values, cultural backgrounds, and experiences. What might be considered a high number of partners to one person may be regarded as average or even low to another.

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