Bella Rolland: Pornstar who keeps a list of all the people she has had sex with

Bella Rolland: Pornstar who keeps a list of all the people she has had sex with

Bella Rolland is not just gorgeous but she is unique. From how she ventured into the adult industry to how she handles events in her life, this pornstar stands out from the crowd.

Asides from the fact that fans love to watch her adult videos, she has succeeded in capturing the attention of fans since she revealed that she has a list of all the people she has had sex with and even revealed the number.

As a result, everyone wants to know who Bella Rolland is.

Bella Rolland

Bella Rolland biography

Bella Rolland was born in 1994. She is an adult actress and model who entered the industry in early 2019. Despite her relatively short time in the business, Rolland has quickly garnered a devoted fan base. Known for her striking figure and natural beauty, Rolland has captured the attention of viewers with her friendly demeanour and scintillating performances.

Despite her stunning appearance and confident presence in the adult entertainment industry, Rolland’s background leaves fans surprised. The adult actress, who hails from Sacramento, California, has a laid-back personality during her high school years. Reflecting on her time at El Camino High School, she describes herself as being “chill” and possibly even a bit shy.

Contrary to the perception that some may have of her as an intimidating and dominant figure, the actress emphasises that she is quite sweet and reserved.

Although Rolland may have been shy during her high school years, she had surprising interests and experiences in her adult years. Alongside her reserved personality, she actively participated in wrestling and even had a passion for raising horses.

Rolland also ventured into the world of modelling. Before embarking on her career in the adult industry, she worked as a runway and bridal model, showcasing her beauty and grace on the catwalk. This experience in the modelling industry further exemplifies Rolland’s ability to adapt to different environments.

During an interview, she said: “I used to model, I modelled some runway stuff. I mostly did bridal modelling because I had the figure to do it. In modelling, being tall is such a good thing! I expected it to be the same in the industry. I had 4 agencies tell me ‘no!’ because they didn’t know what to do with me. They said they wouldn’t be able to book me and go have a good life.

“I thought that being tall in the porn world wasn’t a good thing. So another thing in high school that is interesting is that I used to wrestle back then. I wasn’t any good but I loved to do it [laughs]. I raised horses all the time which people see on Twitter all the time”.

This glimpse into Rolland’s past highlights the contrast between her public image and her true personality. While her profession may exude confidence and strength, off-camera she is a down-to-earth individual who prefers a quieter space.

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Like most pornstars who do not use their real names, Rolland once shared the interesting story behind the origin of her stage name, ‘Bella Rolland’. With a passion for murder mysteries and a particular fascination with renowned serial killers “Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy”, she embarked on a captivating journey of inspiration.

Bella Rolland in a short dress

Bella disclosed: “Oh my God! I love telling people this story! I’m a huge murder mystery buff, and among my favourites is Room 1046. It revolves around the mysterious murder of a person named Rolland T. Owen.”

Captivated by the assertiveness and professional aura of the name Rolland, she felt it exuded a unique charm that resonated with her personality. However, she recognised that as a first name, it did not quite possess an attractive allure. Instead, it felt more suited as a masculine name.

To craft her unforgettable stage name, the actress decided to transform Rolland into her last name. Drawing inspiration from top model Bella Hadid, she chose Bella as her first name, adding a touch of elegance to complete her stage persona.Bella Rolland smile

Rolland is one intentional pornstar as she once stated that she keeps a list of the number of people that she has slept with. “I have a list! I can tell you the number right now! I’m pretty sure has an ‘ex’ list or whatever. 26. Girls are much shorter! 11.  And some of those were couples too”, she said.

Throughout her career, this sexy brunette has collaborated with renowned studios such as Brazzers, Girlfriends Films, Mofos, Sweetheart Video, Team Skeet and Wicked Pictures.

Bella Rolland career

Before her advent into the adult industry, Rolland led a diverse professional life.

She spent several years as a successful model, honing her skills in front of the camera. She has also gained valuable experience working in a veterinary hospital.

Rolland’s journey into the adult industry began unexpectedly. While searching for a new job, her then-boyfriend suggested she create her own premium Snapchat account. This led Rolland to share provocative content, exploring her sensual side.

She also explored webcamming. However, as her fan base reached a plateau, she started contemplating a transition into performing in adult films. The decision to pursue a career in the adult industry marked a significant turning point for her. Her previous experiences in modelling, veterinary care and online presence laid the foundation for her journey into the world of adult entertainment. 

On March 5, 2019, Rolland made her official entrance into the adult entertainment industry. It was during this time that she filmed an electrifying and passionate sex scene for Net Video Girls, marking her debut in the industry.

With her natural grace and charisma, Rolland captivated audiences from the very beginning of her adult career. Her performance in that initial scene showcased her uninhibited passion and ignited a spark that would continue to captivate fans throughout her journey in the adult entertainment industry.

Discussing her first sex scene, the pornstar narrated: “I don’t remember being nervous but I’m sure I was. My first scene was for Net Video Girls and I’m not allowed to say the guy’s name because it’s a secret. But the male talent that I worked with was so nice! He was so fantastic, so professional. He even worked with me before and after my scene on how to pose properly, how to get a good angle or how to adjust to the light. It was great. It was a fantastic first day!”

Bella Rolland face

After joining the renowned adult talent agency Motley Models, Rolland wasted no time in immersing herself in a diverse range of adult content. From enticing girl/girl encounters to intense hardcore scenes and tantalising fetish performances, Rolland’s portfolio began to flourish.

The pinnacle of Rolland’s on-screen performances can be witnessed in her scorching Chain Linked F*** sex scene with the charismatic Xander Corvus in May 2019. Interestingly, Corvus, Rolland’s co-star in the Brazzers production, is her male porn crush, a testament to their undeniable chemistry on screen.

Devoted fans of Rolland will undoubtedly find immense pleasure in exploring her solo scenes, showcased by FTV Girls and ATKingdom. For those seeking a more passionate encounter, Rolland’s scintillating sex scene with the stunning Syren De Mer in Women Seeking Women #166 (2019) is an absolute must-watch.

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Bella Rolland Onlyfans

Bella Rolland entices her devoted fans with exclusive access to her captivating look on her verified OnlyFans account. Going by the username @bellarollandx, she tantalises viewers with her mesmerising curves.

She introduces herself as a 6-foot-tall Goddess blessed with natural curves and an insatiable appetite for pleasure.

As of the time of this piece’s publication, her page has 836 captivating pictures and 10 videos.

For the opportunity to indulge in her content, Rolland offers her fans access to her picture-perfect world for a subscription fee of $7 per month.

Bella Rolland’s net worth

According to Topplanetinfo, Bella Rolland has an estimated net worth of $320,000. 

Bella Rolland family

Rolland focuses on her career as an adult actress and leaves details about her parents and siblings private.

Bella Rolland age

Rolland was born on July 11, 1994. She is currently 28 years old and will be 29 years old in 2023.

Bella Rolland in black lingerie outfit

Bella Rolland Instagram

On Instagram, Bella Rolland goes by the name @bitchbellarolland. She has 20,900 followers and she is all about counting her sexy curves on her page. The adult actress makes use of the platform to push her career as she posts sultry pictures of herself in revealing outfits. On her Instagram page, the model and actress keep fans updated on how she keeps her skin popping and her body looking fit.

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