#BBNaija: This guy is controlling: Fans condemn Sheggz for lashing out at Bella, saying she’s sick and doesn’t listen to instructions

#BBNaija: This guy is controlling: Fans condemn Sheggz for lashing out at Bella, saying she’s sick and doesn’t listen to instructions - skabash

Big Brother Naija Season 7 fans have criticized housemate Sheggz for lashing out at his in-house girlfriend, Bella, over her disinclination to do as he says always.

According to a post on the popular entertainment website Yabaleftonline, the housemates on Thursday night received food packages from one of the show’s sponsors, and all of them gathered in the dining area to eat the meal. When Bella grabbed a plate of ‘beef and torso’ for herself, Sheggz tried to stop her from opening it, saying he wanted to reserve it for the next day so they could enjoy it together.

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Bella, however, did not care for reserving food, because, as she pointed out, there were still two packs of suya. She also added that she wanted to confirm if the package indeed contained torso, which she loves, and proceeded to open it.

This act of ‘disobedience’ apparently didn’t sit well with Sheggz, who grew frustrated with her and lashed out, saying she was sick and stubborn and never follows his instructions, which he does not like.

“You’re actually sick. You’re not well. You struggle with instructions. I told you don’t open it. Why can’t you listen? Bcos you’re who?” Sheggz ranted. “Somebody cannot even have a girlfriend that listens.”

View the scene below:

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This outburst has caused fans of the show to call Sheggz out on his toxic masculinity trait, with many speculating that he will turn out to be a controlling partner. According to @fadilat6, “Oh dear…am scared for whoever this guy ends up with. This is scary. How can one person be this controlling?”

@femiomotee said, “This is not a healthy relationship and I hope this girl’s relatives are watching. If she ends up with a guy like this, she will regret the decision because it’s obvious to see he will be very controlling. Bella, please run oooo.”

One Divine Favour also added, saying, “What will people say?” “They will laugh at me”. This is exactly what is happening in real life. So many women are in hell because of this. Sheggz has ruined this girl’s game. On TV he is a verbal abuser. Very very likely to be physical outside the house.”

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