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8 BBNaija scandals that shook the internet

8 BBNaija scandals that shook the internet

Big Brother Naija is Africa’s biggest reality TV show. It is a show where ordinary and ambitious Nigerians are put together in a house to live and work together for a few months. Although housemates are encouraged to live their normal lives, they all come up with different strategies to win the show. Some succeed while others get entangled in the famous BBNaija scandals.

While the culprits have since moved on with their lives after the show, some scandals have refused to go away. Some of these scandals have even affected the careers of these housemates. Therefore, Skabash presents top BBNaija scandals and their culprits.

Note: We will not include Maria Chike‘s husband-snatching scandal because it was revealed after the show.

1. Kemen’s sexual misconduct against TBoss

Kemen's sexual misconduct against TBoss

Kemen was a housemate on the Big Brother Naija Season 2 “See Gobe.” He was disqualified from the show after he was caught on camera groping a sleeping TBoss. Both housemates were previously very close though TBoss said she didn’t give him the green light and only considered him a friend. TBoss later revealed she wasn’t aware she was being groped until she watched the video during her diary session with Big Brother. She said she felt bad that someone she considered her friend could do this to her. After the show, Kemen apologised to her and she reportedly forgave him.

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2. Thin Tall Tony’s affair with Bisola

Thin Tall Tony's affair with Bisola

Thin Tall Tony and Bisola had a sizzling romance in Big Brother Naija Season 2. It was all fine and good for the fans until news began to circulate that TTT was a married father of three kids. This didn’t go down well with fans as they saw him as an unfaithful husband who was manipulating an innocent female housemate.

After the show, TTT revealed his relationship with Bisola was just a game, and his wife, Laraba Audi Offiong, was aware. Laraba collaborated his claims saying that prior to going into the BBNaija house, they had agreed he would have an affair with a female housemate as a strategy to advance in the show.

3. Gifty’s marriage scandal

Gifty's marriage scandal

Gifty was a lively and “finest girl” in the BBNaija Season 2. She flirted a lot with the boys, making many think she was single. Then her wedding pictures began to circulate on social media, showing she was actually a married woman. After the show, Gifty denied ever being married and having a son at first. Later, she admitted she was married before the show but it ended the same year and there weren’t any children from the marriage. Gifty has since remarried with two children.

4. Nina and Miracle sex scandal

Nina and Miracle sex scandal

Nina and Miracle were both housemates of the BBNaija Season 3. Two days into the show, the pair were caught on camera sharing a passionate kiss during a shower session. Nina had earlier revealed she was in a relationship and wasn’t interested in starting another in the house. So, her kiss with Miracle caused an uproar on social media with fans calling her out for cheating on her boyfriend.

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It didn’t stop there, both housemates were caught having sex beneath the sheets. They were finalists in the show and Miracle won the star prize. After the show, both admitted they had sex in the house. Nina apologised to her boyfriend but they still broke up. She has since moved on. Judging by her Instagram photos, she is living the best life with her husband and son in the US.

5. Teddy A and Bam Bam sex scandal

Teddy A and Bam Bam sex scandal

BBNaija Season 3 was not called “Double Wahala” for nothing. Housemates Teddy A and Bam Bam had what everyone knows as toilet sex during the show. They were caught on camera getting busy on the toilet in the show. After the show, the pair admitted to the affair and Bam Bam insisted that she would not let the scandal get to her. Fortunately, she was right as her relationship with Teddy A grew stronger and they are now happily married with two children.

6. Ka3na and Praise sex scandal

Ka3na and Praise sex scandal

Big Brother Naija 2020 “Lockdown” housemates, Praise and Ka3na were caught having sex during the show. Ka3na was married to a 64-year-old British man and had a daughter while Praise revealed he was engaged and already had a son. The sexual intercourse broke the internet with fans criticising their actions.

Ka3na later revealed during the reunion that Praise lasted only five seconds during sex and they had sex again after the show which wasn’t better than the previous one. Praise replied that his former lover was just chasing clout with her revelation. In march 2022, Ka3na announced she was officially divorced from her husband and moved permanently to the UK with her daughter.

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7. Erica and Kidwaya sex scandal

Erica and Kidwaya sex scandal

Erica and Kidwaya were another scandalous couple in the Big Brother Naija 2020 “Lockdown” show. Both were caught performing sexual acts on each other several times during the show. Erica was eventually disqualified from the show after getting a third strike for her verbal attack on Laycon. Kidwaya, who is also the son of Nigerian socialite, Terry Waya, was evicted later. The couple briefly continued their relationship after the show before breaking up.

8. Boma and Tega’s “cheating” scandal

Boma and Tega's "cheating" scandal

Boma and Tega are the hottest Big Brother Naija scandal… until the new housemates create their own in the “Level Up” season. Both Boma and Tega were housemates of last year’s “Shine Ya Eye” season 6. Tega was married before entering the show while Boma was divorced. First, Boma allegedly sucked Tega’s boobs in front of other housemates during a truth and dare game. Both were also caught in another sexual act beneath the sheets. This generated a lot of backlashes from viewers who viewed Tega as a cheating wife and Boma, as a wife snatcher.

After the show, both revealed there was no sex involved and their relationship in the house was just a game. Tega’s husband also revealed that he had cheated on his wife prior to the show and that her affair with Boma was just an act. Later, he revealed that he was hurt by her actions but willing to reconcile with her. Tega publicly apologised to her husband. But her apology didn’t tone down the criticisms and she was forced to deactivate her social media accounts for a while. She later revealed her marriage had been over since 2020.

Which of the BBNaija scandals shocked you most? Share with us.

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