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BBNaija All Star: Ilebaye, CeeC fight over lipstick on Doyin’s picture

BBNaija All Star: Ilebaye, CeeC fight over lipstick on Doyin’s picture 1

Ilebaye, a BBNaija All Stars housemate, got into an altercation with CeeC when the latter wiped off her lipstick from a picture of the recently evicted housemate, Doyin, that she recently kissed. 

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She went on to say while no lipstick or kisses had been removed from any of the images in the house, no one had the authority to remove hers.

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“I kissed Doyin’s picture, and that person had the audacity to come and remove the lipstick,” Ilebaye said.

“How could you?”

“You kissed it four times instead of one,” CeeC responded.

“She has pals in the house who will kiss her, true friends. Where were you when she was in the house?”


Netizens react 

@official_adags: “Why Will CeeC clean the lipstick from a picture that isn’t yours? I can’t blame Ilebaye this time for complaining even though the lipstick on the picture wouldn’t really mean much since you have kissed it there was no Need going to check if it’s still there lol.”

@davidguyy: “She would have left space sha doyin no dey reason you stop forcing friendship illebaye.”

@ArthurMuhwezi12: “Yessss, ceec cook that lumpen victim player baye. That girl is good at pretending ohhhh cook cook.”

@Dior440040: “Toxic dwarf ceec a bully, who pick only on men and baye, so called real friends she gave her names for nominations and also gave another two strikes… always angry bitter backbit and backstabber.”

@BesaTresa: “We all watch CeeC during her season and we know how Horrible and terrible of human she is. Bitter and toxic woman through and through no growth. Doyin that you nominated and sent home is now your friend.”

@Amaanosi: “Ceec is fkn troublesome is it ur business you were also a good friend. Short dwarf.”

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