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Ayra Starr’s mini-skirt more popular than her music – Daniel Regha

Ayra Starr's mini-skirt more popular than her music – Daniel Regha 1

Controversial critic, Daniel Regha has opined that Beninese-born Nigerian singer, Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, aka Ayra Starr, is more known for her mini skirts than her music.

The X critic shared his thoughts during the recent episode of Big Brother Naija Doyin David’s podcast, Doyin’s Corner.

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Daniel explained that most times, when social media users see a lady who wears a short skirt, they tend to draw comparisons to Ayra Starr and her iconic half-yard mini-skirts.

However, Doyin disagrees with this viewpoint and emphasized that Ayra Starr’s talent should not be overshadowed by her fashion choices.

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She believes that Ayra Starr’s decision to wear mini skirts aligns with her musical style and reflects her youthful age of 21.

See reactions:

@iam_paulash: “This boy is not alright, how dare you talk about my favorite like that. Despite her obvious hard work.*

@iamdistrict411: “Why will a reasonable person invite a novice to discuss about music artists”

@Fiditiboy: “Women will never tell each other truth, until it’s their sister.”

@Samwellwyd: “B!tter truth, She’s a good musician though, Some people see the mini skirt as her trademark”

@omuocircle: “Were ni bobo Regha yi. You can’t love Chivas and not love skirt, especially the mini ones on a lap like that of Yemi Alade.”

@praise_talker: “He’s not wrong tho
As a female artiste…If you’rent sexy
Your music no go go anywhere.”

@prettyP657: “Savage
God please save me for Daniel.”

@lexhova: “Tbf I’ll have to agree with this nuisance.”

@kingydavies: “I’m beginning to like
@DanielRegha. I love anyone who tells the truth irrespective of whoever is involve.
Make ayra star try dress well ni all this half yard of skirt is not making sense.”

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