Top 10 ashawo wears in vogue now

Top 10 ashawo wears in vogue now

Fashion is constantly evolving, and ashawo wears are in vogue now, particularly for Nigerian women. Gone are the days when ashawo wears have been solely associated with prostitutes or women of easy virtue. Although the outfits are still strongly frowned upon in a conservative country like Nigeria, it’s hardly a big deal to see women wearing them, especially in urban areas.

Do you know why ashawo wears are trending now? You can thank celebrities, social media and the media in general for that. Add the ever-evolving nature of the fashion world, and you’ll understand that ashawo wears are here to stay, at least until another fashion idea begins to trend.

So what is an ashawo wear? You’ll get to know that and more as you continue reading below.

What is ashawo wears?

A simple definition of ashawo wears is outfits that reveal too much skin on a person. Ashawo literally means prostitute. Although the term is not gender-specific, women seem to be the main target. But looking at the concept of decent wear, it’s easy to see that men should be involved in the narrative too.

In some quarters, especially the religious ones, ashawo wears are considered indecent and tacky. Other quarters have a different opinion, referring to women who wear such outfits as sexy and fashion-forward.

Over the years, more Nigerian women have embraced putting on ashawo wears, especially in the wake of feminism in the country. Women believe that their worth or value is not tied to what they wear. Fashion is generally meant to be an avenue for self-expression. So you can say that women who put on ashawo wears are merely expressing themselves.

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Top 10 ashawo wears in vogue now

1. Mini skirts and cropped tops

Mini skirts and cropped tops

Mini skirts and tops can never run out of style. They’re often the most popular ashawo wears anywhere in the world. Add cropped tops that will reveal your breasts and belly button, and you’ll get an over-the-top ashawo wear. Here’s a tip if you’re interested in this wear: make sure you have long, smooth legs, a flat, chiselled tummy and big breasts to pull off this wear.

2. Crazy mini gowns

Crazy mini gownsAfter mini skirts and tops, you’ll most probably find mini gowns high on the list of ashawo wears collections. However, there are mini gowns and then, there are crazy mini gowns. How do you describe a crazy mini gown? How about a mini gown that doesn’t show off some legs but from your breasts all the way down to your belly button?

3. High-slit gowns

High-slit gowns

You can thank celebrity red carpet events for making high sleet long gowns popular. Every woman now wants to show off at least one leg. Not just a glimpse of the leg, but the sleet has to be so high that you can almost see the genital areas. Sha make sure the place is shaved and smooth so you won’t induce puking in the poor spectators.

4. Camel toe-revealing biker shorts

Camel toe-revealing biker shorts

Biker shorts are now in vogue now among Nigerian women. A few years ago, these wears were relegated as tights or inner wears. They weren’t meant to be revealed in public. Well, as earlier stated, fashion is an expression, and we have gotten to that point where people don’t care about what they reveal in their outfits. Biker shorts revealing camel toes were made popular by celebrities, and it seems every fashion-forward woman has snapped it up.

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5. Underboob shirts

Underboob shirts

Like biker shorts, underboob shirts are recent fashion trends. It’s a way of showing off your perky breasts. Supermodels like Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, and Naomi Campbell have been known to wear outfits to show off their underboobs. It’s a risky and completely sexy ashawo wear.

6. Bum shorts

Bum shorts

Bum shorts are considered decent if you wear them indoors, at the beach or in the swimming pool. However, when it becomes regular outdoor wear, then it’s an ashawo wear. Bum shorts are popular in Western countries during summer. in Africa, particularly Nigeria, they’re considered ashawo because they’re too revealing.

7. Thigh-length shorts

Top 10 ashawo wears in vogue now 1

Don’t think we’re going to forget men in the ashawo wears business. Many Nigerian men have chosen to wear ridiculously high thigh-length shorts as an excuse to walk around the streets naked. There are speculations that most men who favour this ashawo wear are coded gigolos advertising their “wares” to potential customers.

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8. Low-waist trousers

Low-waist trousers

Low-waist trousers are back! They were the fashion trends in the early 2000s, made popular by music stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé. Now, they’re gradually becoming the trend in today’s fashion. However, low-waist trousers are generally considered ashawo wears, especially if you’re wearing them with short tops to show off your belly buttons and barely covered buttocks.

9. Crazy jeans trousers, and crop top

Crazy jeans trousers, and crop top
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What crosses your mind when you come across a beautiful lady wearing jeans torn in several places and tops showing her breasts and belly button? The ashawo levels will probably be screaming at you wherever you are. Crazy or ripped jeans are in vogue for both Nigerian men and women who are fashion-forward. However, conservative society will never see anything in these outfits outside ashawo.

10. High waist tight jeans and crop top

High waist tight jeans and crop top

Shoutout to all the highly endowed women. They have made high-waist jeans look like ashawo wear. High-waist jean trousers are actually both decent and classy, especially if you have the right curves in the right places. Not only will it accentuate your hourglass figure, but it’s also great when you pair it with a nice shirt tucked inside the trousers. However, when you have the Toolz kind of figure and put on high-tight waist jeans, pairing it with a crop top that shows off your abs, then it’s simply ashawo wear.

Bottom line

Societal standards about dressing differ. What may be considered decent in one society may be ashawo wear in another. In whatever way you view, fashion enthusiasts are for these wears. So they’re never going to fade anytime soon.

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