‘Are you mixing cement’: Man shares father’s misplaced concerns over his gym workout

‘Are you mixing cement’: Man shares father's misplaced concerns over his gym workout 1

A young Nigerian man has shared his father’s message to the photos he shared to document his progress in the gym.

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In the post shared to his TikTok, @datboyivans, received a lengthy message from his father who said he has been bothered by his son’s workout activities for the past six days.

He said he noticed that his son has been going to the gym really late at night and working on building really big muscles. He feared that his son might be pushing himself too hard for no good reason and expressed concern about the long-term effects of all the bodybuilding.

See the post here;

‘Are you mixing cement’: Man shares father's misplaced concerns over his gym workout 2

Netizens reacted and laughed at the situation in the comment section, amused at the seriousness of the father’s words and his genuine concern.

See comments below:

@pnboxing: “Dad don’t want you becoming man of the house just yet 🤣”

@Gigi: “Are you mixing cement?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”

@estherolowoloba: “You of all children” man is so disappointed 😭🤣🤣”

@crazymfdaisy: “Nah because why did my dad say “I miss you being my fat child, my original leg of beef.””

@Temss: “Uncle ateee I fear 😭not a single spelling mistake either 🤣”

@victoria 🐆: “He sounds genuinely concerned 😭”

@jai: “Superhero overnight😂😂😂😂”

@Oreoluwa.: “Can’t lie he’s kinda funny for this 🤣🤣”

@Lord.O.B ♚: “Over the past 6 days lol. Uncle just say one week or few days 😩”

@miracle: “Next time I argue with a gym bro, I’m using that “muscles bigger than your future” line 😭”

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