Apostle Suleman: Biography, ministry, controversies, net worth, family

Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman is a Nigerian televangelist who also serves as senior pastor and general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International, a church in Auchi, Edo State. He began Omega Fire Ministries in 2004 after serving as an assistant pastor at the Armor of God Church in Lagos starting in 1998.


Apostle Suleman was born on 24 March 1971. Apostle Suleman received his primary and secondary education from neighbourhood schools. He then applied to the University of Benin to obtain a mass communication bachelor’s degree. A human resource management master’s degree and, later, a doctorate were obtained after that.

Some prophets from Warri are claimed to have visited Suleman’s parents’ house in Benin State a while after his birth. 

The prophets allegedly informed the parents of the apostle that they had received a divine word declaring that Suleman’s life’s work would be to minister in God’s presence. Suleman’s parents, devout Muslims, were offended by the statement. As a result, they ignored the message and ceased to be interested in the Warri prophets. 

Suleman’s parents reportedly became aware of his distinct differences in behaviour as he grew. He had a sweet place for Christianity, even though he went to the mosque with his father. Suleman embraced Christianity after he finished his secondary studies.


He allegedly had a revelation in 1994 outlining his ministry’s launch strategy. His employment as an assistant pastor at the Armor of God Church in Lagos began after this epiphany. The well-known pastor claimed that the inspiration for the name of his congregation came from a revelation from God, who instructed him to bring an end to affliction; I am sending you an Omega anointing. The church is now present in many nations around the world. 


The well-known pastor has hadhis fair share of controversy throughout his career. Here are a few of the most notable. 

The apostle made some comments in 2017 that caused much controversy among Nigerians. According to the pastor, if the herders were actively murdering Christians while nothing was being done, then the Christians could execute the herders without anything happening.

The comments were made in response to the more than 7,000 Nigerians who Fulani herders had killed. However, the preacher said that his statement had been misinterpreted in light of the vehement responses from a significant portion of Nigerians. 

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A Nigerian online news source said in 2017 that the preacher had bought the well-known actress Daniella Okeke a mansion for N40 million. Then, before giving it to the actress, he is believed to have spruced it up with improvements worth N120 million. The charges were made after the pastor was charged with having a relationship with Canadian singer Stephanie Otobo.

Earlier this year, the Canadian singer Stephanie Otobo accused Apostle Suleman of being in a relationship with her in 2015 and that the relationship ended when she got pregnant.

She decided to post several x-rated pictures on social media, including pictures of his private parts,.

The pastor has also been linked to several other actors like Iyabo Ojo, Queen Nwokoye, etc. They have all come to clear the air on the said allegations.

Net worth

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s net worth is estimated at N10.37 billion ($25m). He is perhaps one of Nigeria’s wealthiest pastors. Omega Fire Ministries International, a congregation with its base camp in Auchi, Edo State, is led by Johnson Suleman, a Nigerian TV minister who also serves as the organization’s chief executive officer and general manager.

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Apostle Suleman family

Apostle Suleman is married to Lizzie Suleman. The wife of Apostle Suleman serves as a minister at the Omega Fire Ministry and frequently stands next to her husband. One son and four girls, totaling five children, were born to the couple.


Apostle Suleman is the author of several books. Some of them include:

  • Accessing Deep Secrets. 
  • Converting Scriptures to Prayers.
  • Deep Mystery of Speaking in Tongue.
  • From Back Seat to Front Seat.
  • How to Cook Yourself in Prayers.
  • Principles Driven Life: Your guide to handling trivial life issues.
  • Your Mother Had an Information for You.

According to reports, the well-known pastor makes money from both his ministry and the several businesses that use his name. He is listed as the CEO of Hosanna Oil and Gas, one of his well-known companies. His other business ventures include a printing press, real estate properties, schools, a television channel, and a water bottling company.

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