Any girl that asks man for T-fare is useless – Rapper Speed Darlington

Any girl that asks a man for T-fare is useless - Rapper Speed Darlington

A well-known Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington, recently shared his thoughts on women who request transportation expenses before visiting a man.

He asserted that any woman who does this is “worthless” as it indicates she cannot manage her life. He went on to argue that just as a man without a home is seen as unprepared for a committed relationship or marriage, a woman who insists on a man paying for her transportation is also useless. The video elicited varied responses on social media.

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While some agreed that a woman should not request transportation funds before seeing a man, others disagreed, stating that a man should be responsible for a woman’s expenses. Some also pointed out that if the woman lives far away, she may have to spend a lot of money to travel to visit the man.

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Watch the video below:

See reactions below:

@kevin.sja14: “Look at broke, entitled and hungry girls talking about men should date there neighbour’s. Earn respect and pay your own transport. The dude will respect you more and give you more money instead of asking for quick 5k for transport.”

@fejiroprudence_: “Me when sit down my house jehe nor get sense abi if u wan see me come visit me.”

@bigbaby_cherish: “Me and some useless others watching 😂.”

@amukoyodesmond: “If she is coming from Lagos to Abj or from one city to another you must send her Transportation money . I can only agree with you when we are in same city and you are telling me you don’t have 1k or 500naira to come see me . It is either you don’t want to see me or you are not a serious person.”

@jully__mk: “Stingy men association of Nigeria (SMAN)will love this 😂.”

@nene_george: “I think the best solution to this problem is make everybody hold their konji make we rest. Men use soap, women use any other supplementary toolz within your reach😩😩.”

@officialdorine22: “Bolt is expensive now and you want me to see me without paying for my Tf. You are joking.”

@chefdordor: “It reduces you to be honest, like it’s just TF, but if you sincerely don’t have, ask. Not everyone is doing ok at the moment.”

@mynam_e9173: “Any girl that ask you for tfare before coming to see you doesn’t like you. If a girl like you she will use her money to come see you…”

@hrh_kingdiamond: “Akpi no Dey give shi shi normally 😂😂 Na who go ask Akpi for tfare F up cos him go call you out with ur handle 😂😂😂.”

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