Angry kid packs his bag, tells his Nigerian mum he is moving out of the house

Angry kid packs his bag, tells his Nigerian mum he is moving out of the house 1

A little boy who seems displeased with his parents has packed his school bag in preparation to move out of his parents’ house.

In a video uploaded on Instagram by @mufasatundeednut, the boy’s mother could be heard asking him if he wanted to move out, to which he replied yes and that he had packed his bag.

She then asked if he wanted the driver to drop him off, to which he also nodded.

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This was where his mother informed him that that wasn’t feasible and that he should drive himself out in his miniature Mustang, because that was what being an adult entailed, only for him to reply that the car was dirty.

She told him to wash it, that if he could move out, then he should be able to wash his car and take care of himself.

And as the last straw, the boy’s mother informed him that being an adult also meant no more lunch boxes, and that was the moment he definitely realized that adulthood was a scam he wasn’t prepared for.

View the video below:

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Beautiful Nigerian lady laments single status, wonders why men don’t approach her

This little boy wasn’t the only one unhappy with his life this weekend, as a beautiful Nigerian lady also took to social media to lament over her extended single status, despite possessing all the physical characteristics that are supposed to attract a man.

In a trending video posted on Instagram by @saintavenue_ent1, the young lady expressed how exhausting being single has been and wondered why she’s yet to find a man to be her companion.

She noted that despite her being beautiful and having everything, no man has approached her for a relationship, and moved the camera over her body to display her attractive figure.

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Heartbreak as DNA result reveals that Nigerian man is not the biological father of his 9-year-old daughter

A Nigerian man from Delta state, Leonard Graceful, was also not having the best weekend of his life, as he cried out online after discovering through a DNA test that his 9-year-old daughter is not his biological child.

The heartbroken man took to Facebook on Thursday, July 14, to share the DNA test result, which was dated May 5, 2022, and said he had decided to keep the matter away from the public and maintain silence up until he couldn’t anymore. He also lamented that the disturbing development has taken a toll on himself and his family.

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