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Ancient road built 7,000 years ago discovered under sea

Ancient road built 7,000 years ago discovered under sea

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient road dating back 7,000 years off the coast of Croatia.

The University of Zadar’s archaeologists swung into research when they discovered unusual underwater structures near the western coast of Korčula.

Recent archaeological digs at the site yielded artifacts and a road that can be dated back to the Neolithic Era, approximately 7,000 years ago.

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Archaeological discoveries made at the sunken Neolithic site of Soline may indicate a connection between the ancient Hvar culture settlement and Korčula, an island that is now isolated.

Hvar culture has its beginnings in the European Neolithic period, spanning from 2,000 to 7,000 BC. Referred to as the New Stone Age, it marks an important time in human history.

Ancient road built 7,000 years ago discovered under seaAncient road built 7,000 years ago discovered under sea

In this era, early humans used stone tools like their predecessors, but some tribes began to explore farming and crop cultivation techniques.

This eventually paved the way for permanent settlements, advances in technology and an increased capacity for carrying out complex tasks.

In 2021, satellite images revealed unusual features at the bottom of the sea near Croatia. A team of researchers led by archaeologist Mate Parica from the University of Croatia investigated these findings and uncovered a submerged archaeological site known as Soline.

Ancient road built 7,000 years ago discovered under sea
This discovery opened up an exciting new area of research for archaeologists.

Soline is renowned for its unique geography. It has been defended from damage over the centuries thanks to its island neighbours. Similar to this, its ancient roadway has been spared from destruction.

Speaking to Reuters in 2021, Parica said; “The fortunate thing is that this area, unlike most parts of the Mediterranean, is safe from big waves as many islands protect the coast,”

“That certainly helped preserve the site from natural destruction,” he said.

Ancient road built 7,000 years ago discovered under sea

This remarkable roadway is made of stone slabs assembled to create a 4-meter wide passage. It lies beneath the water’s surface and has been covered with silt particles over the passing years, as often seen in such structures.

Studies conducted on this site uncovered a variety of items pertaining to the Hvar culture, such as blades and axes. The findings were similar to the discoveries made in Soline, further confirming their attribution to this ancient period.

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