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‘Amazing Kid Eche’: Talented 13-year-old Nigerian boy who has 4 Guinness World Records in football

"Amazing Kid Eche": Talented 13-year-old Nigerian boy who has 4 Guinness World Records in football

Chinonso Eche, fondly called “Amazing Kid Eche” has in a period of four years made history with four world records.

Eche first made a mark in 2019 when he achieved a record for the “most consecutive football touches in one minute while balancing a football on the head with a remarkable 111 touches.”

By 2021, the talented football kid added to his feathers by breaking three more freestyle records.

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The records include; the fastest time to 1,000 football touches while balancing a ball on the head (7 min 46 sec), most football headers in a prone position in one minute (233) and most football ouches in a seated position while balancing a ball on the head in one minute (197).

This earned him a spot in the Young Achievers, Guinness World Records 2022 book and got him a FIFA recognition.

"Amazing Kid Eche": Talented 13-year-old Nigerian boy who has 4 Guinness World Records in football
Courtesy; Guinness World Record

Now known as Amazing Kid Eche, he told Guinness Wold Record he started playing with round objects when he was four while freestyle football started for him at the age of eight.

A midfielder, Eche explained that his favourite football freestylers are Lionel Messi & Ronaldinho because they apply their freestyle skills during football games.

Speaking on his record-breaking feat, he said “It’s a dream come true to become the youngest Nigerian in the Guinness World Records book. My family was very proud of me.”

On future plans, he said “I want to run for the longest distance while balancing a ball on my head and juggle one ball for 2,000 touches while balancing another on my head.”

13-year-old Nigerian girl awarded World Bank scholarship

Similarly, Saratu Dan-Azumi, a 13-year-old girl from Kano State, Nigeria, has been rewarded with a primary to tertiary institution scholarship for her brilliance in mathematics.

She caught the attention of many after a video of her solving complex mathematic questions went viral.

Her video became an online sensation after Imran Muhammad shared it on Twitter.

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Fortune favoured Saratu as she was spotted and offered a scholarship by the former Social Media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mallam Bashir Ahmad. The scholarship covers her education from Primary school to university.

Bashir’s foundation shared the news via Twitter. The foundation said; “The Bashir Ahmad Foundation has successfully concluded the enrollment of Saratu Dan-Azumi, a brilliant out-of-school girl, who effortlessly solves arithmetics without being taught, in a school in Gaya LGA. The BAF sponsors her education up to university.”

Of humble beginnings from the Gwadayi village in Gaya Local Government Area of Kano State, little Saratu dropped out of school about two years ago in Primary 4 because her friends made fun of her by calling her ‘Turrum’ which means the blessed one.

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