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Alexx made me apologise publicly – Fancy Acholonu says as she breaks up with Alexx Ekubo again

Alexx made me apologise publicly - Fancy Acholonu says as she breaks up with Alexx Ekubo again

Nigerian-American Model, Fancy Acholonu, who apologized a few weeks ago publicly to her ex-fiancé, Alexx Ekubo, for canceling their wedding plans stated that she is done with the actor.

Fancy said this in a post she made via Instagram on Monday, December 2, 2022.

She declared herself “free” saying “the chain is broken”, thus implying that she is totally done with her relationship with the Nigerian actor.

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She captioned the post;

Happy New Year everyone. 2023 will be my year of strength, being fearless, speaking up for myself & FINALLY no longer under anyone’s control. I’m free, the chain is broken. May God bless us all. #SimplyFancy

Following her post, one of her followers pressed her to tell if the apology she tendered publicly was not forced by her Alexx Ekubo.

“Did Alex convince u to make that apology post? I saw something on the blogs. If he did. Sis that is extremely manipulative you should run for your life he only wanted to use for revenge,” the follower wrote.

Fancy revealed in her response that she was convinced by her ex-fiancé, Alexx Ekubo, to apologize for cutting off their wedding plans.

“Yes he did. It’s true. I fell for it. My eyes are now fully open. I’m at peace & now have full understanding,” she replied.

She however was quiet about the reason why they ended the relationship initially.

The follower also wrote, “You’re beautiful ❤️ What really happened between you too? Maybe you will feel better if you open up. Don’t take all the blames alone!”

In her response, she said;

You are so right! I’ve literally said nothing about why I even ended it in the first place. People are attacking me not even knowing the pain I went through and he’s busy asking me to apologize publicly all the time just for his image. What about my image he’s now trying to damage? It’s beyond cruel. Im now longer scared or under his control 💯

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