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‘Akara wey go Havard’: Young man turns mother’s akara business into standard brand

'Akara wey go Havard': Young man turns mother's akara business into standard brand 1

A young Nigerian man has narrated how he transformed his mother’s roadside akara business into a standard brand.

In a Facebook post, Prince Francis said he had dropped out of school in 2020 due to financial difficulties.

He then decided to join his mother in her akara business, which has existed for over 30 years.

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Prince Francis rebranded the business and utilized the creativity and knowledge he had gained over time to set it apart from others.

'Akara wey go Havard': Young man turns mother's akara business into standard brand 2
Prince Francis and his mother

He thanked his mother for trusting him with the business and believing in his skills.

“My Mother Left me a billion dollar worth in business…I know you’re curious to know what I mean exactly… Let me tell you more.

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“I remember in 2020 when I left school due to the financial challenge I faced, I came home and told my mother I had a dream to do the Akara business with her, because I was left with no choice but to do something with my life.
I have been a creative person from time. Studying under the likes of MVGD Isaac Utere and Pa Jude Anyanwu helped me discover my creative rooms. So I decided to put everything I’ve learnt over time into establishing something, it was just an idea…

“Sincerely, I wasn’t certain it was going to help my current situation then, but I heard clearly what God said to Abraham in the bible, he said to me that day in my room in school The LORD had said to Abraham in Genesis 12…

“Akaraboy, Leave your school, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.

“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing….
It was never for the now, but for the future. So I followed.

“Truly, God had a purpose for me. Fast-forward to today, you can all see the evidence. That mumsi’s regular Akara business of over 30years is now a standard brand with structure and a greater purpose. All I did was to follow God’s direction.

“Dear Mother, thank you for believing in me without any atom of doubt. Thank you for all the prayers I’ll wake up at night and hear you pray concerning this idea. You followed me blindly, praying and believing God’s promise in my life. Only you was my majority.

“Today, Akaraboyng has taken a more valuable step. God blessed us with Sir Emeka Nobis #AkaraDon. Until we reach the promise land, we will never stop…
#AkaraWeyGoHarvard #FromNothingToSomething
#kobomedlyn,” he wrote.

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