After only 3 months in Canada – Young Nigerian lady boasts as she flaunts Benz

After only 3 months in Canada - Young Nigerian lady boasts as she lady flaunts her Benz A-class

A young Nigerian woman has caused a stir by acquiring a luxurious 2021 Mercedes Benz car only three months after arriving in Canada.

The lady, known as @lilygreen69 on TikTok, proudly displayed her new vehicle, posing in front of it.

She couldn’t contain her excitement in the video as she sat behind the wheel and showcased the car’s interior.

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The price of the vehicle is said to begin at $33,650 (equivalent to approximately N25,429,978), according to

Her achievement garnered praise from fellow Nigerians, while a curious user expressed interest in her financing arrangement.

The lady quickly dismissed comments about a mortgage when a separate user advised her to ensure she didn’t default on her monthly payment.

Some other Nigerians, intrigued by her sudden wealth, inquired about her source of income within such a short timeframe.

Read reactions below; 

@Luchy asked: “What’s the monthly finance payment?”

@Oluwaseun Lyon said: “Myself buy maybach after 2 months.”

@OLAKANMI 👻 advised: “Sha no forget to pay the monthly payment before they come tow am away.”

@ivanfrancis667 wrote: “This ur own small naa me tht bought private jet under one month n two weeks for Benin.”

@Ajokeade Horpeloyhem said: “Gbese ni gbogbo è.”

@Kiddo N Lord wrote: “D maths not mathsing.”

@tiakuang ndifon nina disclosed: “I bought my own just 2 months after relocating in the UK.”

@DirtyElli asked: What’s the cost for insurance and maintenance etc?

@backlaysdeexavier wrote: “Will take some people 20yrs to buy some in Africa.”

@MR. D (FYBF) 15th July said: “I know what you can do sis, congratulations to you Nurse lily.”

@MotivationNation(aaronjoseph) wondered: “How?”

@Cutejmg_of_Lagos said: “Congratulations.”

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