‘After 700 jobs, 20 interviews’: Nigerian lady lands job with Tesla 1 year after ‘japa’

'After 700 jobs, 20 interviews': Nigerian lady lands job with Tesla 1year after 'japa'

A Nigerian lady has reportedly landed a job with American automotive company, Tesla, one year after ‘japa’.

The lady decided to relocate to the US last year through the study route, leaving behind a lucrative job in Nigeria

Filled with excitement and fear, she embarked on her new adventure, determined to pursue her dreams.

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Despite facing challenges and rejections, she persevered and applied to over 700 job opportunities in the US, securing 20 interviews.

Finally, last week, her efforts paid off when Tesla offered her a job.

This inspiring story shared by her friend, @Naijasinglegirl, serves as a source of encouragement for others who may be hesitant to chase their own dreams.

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