Adrienne Taub: Wife of serial killer Charles Cullen who disappeared after his arrest

Adrienne Taub: Wife of serial killer Charles Cullen who disappeared after his arrest

Adrienne Taub, unfortunately, finds herself among the individuals who have gained recognition due to the criminal actions of their spouses. The notoriety surrounding her ex-husband Charles Cullen and his crimes has affected her reputation as discussions about her often intertwine with references to the serial killer.

So, who is Adrienne Taub?

Adrienne Taub

Adrienne Taub biography

Adrienne Taub was Charles Cullen’s first wife, and they were married in 1987. However, their marriage encountered numerous challenges and this led Taub to end the relationship in 1992.

During their time together, they had two children. Not much information is available about her background or personal life outside of her association with Cullen.

Since their divorce, Taub and her daughters have maintained a private life and have chosen to stay out of the public eye. Their current whereabouts and activities remain undisclosed.

Adrienne Taub career

Taub once made allegations against her former husband, suggesting that he had left their children in the care of a babysitter for an entire week and had burned one of their books in the fireplace.

While these statements imply that Taub was a working-class mother, the exact details of her career path remain undisclosed.

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Adrienne Taub’s net worth

Taub’s net worth is not readily available as of the time of writing this piece.

Charles Cullen in court

Adrienne Taub family

Little information is available regarding Taub’s parents and siblings. Throughout the trial of her ex-husband, Charles Cullen, no records surfaced indicating the involvement or presence of Taub’s parents or siblings.

Adrienne Taub with family

Adrienne Taub and Charles Cullen

The story of Adrienne Taub and Charles Cullen delves into the depths of darkness and tragedy. Their marriage was plagued by secrets as Cullen concealed a chilling secret life as a serial killer.

Taub and Cullen exchanged vows on June 7, 1987, in New Jersey, in the United States. Together, they welcomed two daughters, Shauna and Saskia, into their lives. However, their seemingly ordinary existence was shattered when Cullen’s true nature was revealed.

Shortly after their marriage, Cullen committed his first murder while working at St. Barnabas Medical Center. The New York Times reported that retired judge John W. Yengo Sr. became his initial victim as he administered to him a fatal overdose of lidocaine.

Cullen, a former nurse, unleashed a reign of terror by systematically murdering his patients through fatal drug overdoses. As time went on, Cullen continued his murderous spree and took the lives of Helen Dean, Lucy Mugavero, and Mary Natoli through the administration of lethal doses of digoxin. Cullen’s preferred methods included injecting his victims with lethal doses of digoxin, insulin and various other medications.

Throughout his dark tenure, Cullen worked at multiple healthcare facilities, including Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Warren Hospital and Somerset Medical Center. Disturbingly, his victims primarily consisted of elderly individuals, many of whom were already facing terminal illnesses. However, there were also cases where unsuspecting individuals, irrespective of age, fell prey to his deadly schemes.

While some hospitals harboured suspicions regarding Cullen’s activities, reports suggest that many chose not to report the incidents as they feared legal repercussions.

As Cullen’s crimes escalated, the atmosphere within the Taub-Cullen household grew increasingly strained. In 1993, Taub made the difficult decision to file for divorce. The divorce filings, obtained by The Morning Call, painted a picture of unusual behaviour and extreme cruelty.

Taub detailed Cullen’s distant demeanour, quick temper, and lack of support. Shockingly, she also accused him of abusing their two Yorkshire terriers. She said, ”I was awakened many nights by the screams of these dogs. Charlie was in the basement “training’ and beating them if they did not listen to him.”

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Taub’s divorce filings revealed her desperate attempts to protect herself and her children from the horrors that unfolded behind closed doors. She sought a restraining order against Cullen and recounted instances of leaving their daughters in the care of a babysitter for extended periods, burning books in the fireplace and even spiking people’s drinks with lighter fluid. Despite her claims, a judge ultimately denied the restraining order as Cullen had not physically harmed Taub or their children.

Charles Cullen

Cullen’s sinister actions spanned from the late 1980s to 2003 when he was finally apprehended. Eventually, Cullen was charged with 29 murders, although his confessions hinted at a much higher body count, estimating around 40 victims.

In a plea agreement to avoid the death penalty, Cullen agreed to assist law enforcement in identifying his victims. The court sentenced him to 17 consecutive life terms, ensuring that he will spend the remainder of his days behind bars. With no possibility of parole, his sentence cumulates to 397 years.

During an interview with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft in 2013, Cullen, who is serving multiple life sentences for the murder of numerous patients during his time as a nurse, shared his disturbing perspective. He revealed that he believed he was helping by ending the suffering of those he targeted. He acknowledged that if he had not been apprehended, he might have continued his deadly spree without remorse.

In the aftermath of their tumultuous marriage, both Taub and her daughters have chosen to lead private lives away from the public eye.

Adrienne Taub and Charles Cullen

Adrienne Taub age

While specific details about Taub’s age are not available, reports suggest that she was younger than her serial killer ex-husband.

Adrienne Taub now

Adrienne Taub found herself thrust into the public eye due to her connection to the infamous serial killer, Charles Cullen. Despite the media attention surrounding her ex-husband’s crimes, Taub has maintained a private life, shielding her daughters from the spotlight.

Following their divorce, Taub was granted physical custody of their daughters. This legal arrangement allowed Taub to provide a stable and secure environment for her children and shield them from the turmoil surrounding their father.

In 2003, when Cullen was arrested, reporters sought out Taub at her home in Roselle Park, New Jersey. It was during this time that she made her only public statement, urging the media to respect her family’s privacy. Her response, as reported by The Morning Call, emphasised the profound impact of the situation on her and her daughters and she firmly requested that they be left out of the narrative.

Since that brief encounter with the media, Taub and her daughters have chosen to remain out of the public eye. They have neither publicly addressed their past connection to Cullen nor their current relationship with him.

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