AbikeArab Money spends millions on luxury mansion, customized swimming pool, sparks reactions

AbikeArab Money spends millions on luxury mansion, customized swimming pool, sparks reactions - skabash

Raheem Abike Rahman, aka AbikeArab Money, has caused reactions online after announcing her newest acquisition on Instagram.

The controversial social media influencer splashed millions on a luxury mansion, and she shared a video giving the world a view into the expensive house.

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AbikeArab Money’s new mansion also has a customized swimming pool with her name on the tiles.

“One of my big girl achievements! Will I call this early birthday gift?…… #LandladyBigpaps house warming party this December!” her post read.

Watch a video of the house below:

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AbikeArab Money’s announcement sparked a flurry of diverse reactions online, with some like @jenniphernnoli wondering where she got the money used to procure such an edifice. “What does she do for a living again. .” the user asked.

Another user, @chineye111 echoed this sentiment: “Which kind work she dey do to take buy house?”

However, they were quickly told to shut their mouths, be happy for the lady’s win, and stop being haters. “Some of una no fit just congratulate and pass ….una go Dey fine negative stories up and down chai,” @wf_tinnah said.

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In other big wins-related news, a Nigerian man has shared his story on social media about becoming the first person in his family to travel overseas and gain a permanent residency in Canada.

Identified as Oluwafemi Durojaye, the young man disclosed this while celebrating his new age, and revealed that none of it would have been possible without LinkedIn.

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He also enlightened youths on why they should use LinkedIn and the opportunities they can get from it.

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