’70 percent of women in prison are there because of men’ – Kenyan activist

'70 percent of women in prison are there because of men' – Kenyan activist 1

According to Ms Kamaitha, a Kenyan women’s rights activist, the majority of female inmates in the country are in prison because of men.

She made the claim after visiting Langata women’s prison, where she ran a program for a year.

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According to her, approximately 70% of the women were sentenced to prison due to cases involving males.

The author stated that as a result of her experience and what she learned from the female prisoners, she now fears jail more than poverty.

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Kamaitha said; “I have come to fear jail more than I fear poverty. I ran a project at Langata women’s Prison for a year, and I can tell you for a fact, fear jail.

Also, almost 70% of the women in that maximum security prison are in there because of men. Fear men first, then fear jail, then satan.”

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