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’30-year transformation’: Man flaunts dramatic physical transformation with dad

'30-year transformation': Man flaunts dramatic physical transformation with dad after 30 years

A man has taken the internet by storm by showing before and after photos of his dad and himself over a 30-year period.

The photos show how both father and son have moved “from grass to grace” as many netizens remarked, over the years and also demonstrated the unbroken bond between them.

While the first shot was an old, faded photo showing a younger version of them standing on a patch of dirt, the second photo revealed a much more polished version of the son with both he and his father looking older and healthier.

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The post, which many described as indicating a positive change in their lives has garnered heartfelt responses from netizens who have praised both the physical transformation as well as the bond between the father and son.

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Former cake seller flaunts amazing transformation after moving abroad

Earlier, Skabash reported that the internet has been left gushing at the video of a lady who shared her transformation journey online.

A former cake seller, the lady showed off the changes she has experienced since she abandoned her business to travel abroad.

In a clip posted on TikTok by @adamasesay, images from her time as a cake seller and other photos from her past were merged.

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Some persons who reacted to the video have shown admiration for her growth while some noticed the change in her height.

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